Relationship review: How much did you learn about your partner?

Psychologies columnist and coach Sarah Abell invites you to discover the latest questions to ask yourselves as a couple, to ensure a flourishing relationship in 2015


Relationship review: How much did you learn about your partner?

Happy couples are intimately familiar with each other’s inner lives and social worlds, according to relationship researcher Dr Terri Orbuch.

How much did you discover about your partner this year? How regularly did you discuss things that really matter to you?

Too often we stop being curious with those closest to us – but curiosity can help us learn more about our partner, including about their childhood, their hopes, dreams, desires, regrets, fears, interests and experiences, and also about the people who have influenced their life.

If you want to increase your knowledge about each other in the next year, Orbuch recommends introducing a 10-minute daily briefing. This is when you and your partner take the time to talk about anything under the sun – except daily life subjects like children, work and household responsibilities.

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