How to stay motivated

You make a good start on your goals, but how do you keep going and resist getting demotivated?


How to stay motivated

Get support online. 

Getting online support gives you all the benefits of accountability and mentoring. We’re not just talking tweets, but going public and inviting comment, ideas and encouragement as you progress. This method suits busy people who spend a lot of time online, have no time or money for a class or life coach, and enjoy social networking. Downside: online comments can cut you down as well as set you up for the day. Be sure to take all comments lightly. Upside: accountability. You can restrict your life-changing goals and the challenges you face to a small online network of people you know, or you can choose a more anonymous online community for support.

Try:, or These sites help you assert your goals publicly, track your progress, and get support or helpful nudges to keep you going. Apps such as Easyhabit and Goalchart help you log your achievements if you need a daily reminder.

Get a mentor. 

Having a mentor gives you access to someone who will help you plan your time, set your targets, check you’re meeting those targets or, if you’re not, help you work out why not. A mentor acts as a perfectly objective, honest personal coach who wants you to be the best you can be. This method suits those who have already made a personal commitment to a project. The mentor steps in when you’re ready to get going. Downside: you have to find the right mentor, otherwise you might feel you’re wasting your time Upside: having a mentor forces you to make time for your project

Try:, which can put you in touch with professional and voluntary mentors and coaches  

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