How to make a crisis work in your favour

Let’s face it, none of us are immune to the occasional setback, but knowing how to embrace the challenges can help us to keep calm and carry on, says Jeremy Stockwell


How to make a crisis work in your favour

1. Don’t rely on adrenaline to power you through a crisis 

When you get an adrenal rush, your adrenal gland gets a ping of energy, but eventually that fizzles out. Then we want more of it and, before we know it, we need that buzz to keep going. Some people can’t give a good performance unless they’ve had that shot of what they need. But adrenaline is short-lived and not the answer.

2. Always remember that change is one of life’s constants

When we acknowledge this fact, we help to empower ourselves. This can help us through difficult times. We can’t always say whether it’s going to be for the better or worse but, sure as eggs, change happens. So, if you’re stuck in a situation that’s getting you down, remind yourself, ‘This too will pass’.

3. Never fear making mistakes

There’s a predisposition in our society and education system that failure is bad. That creates a lot of stress in difficult situations. It can often feel like there’s very little wriggle room for failure. I remind people of the Samuel Beckett quote, ‘Fail, fail better’.

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