How to heal after heartbreak

Breakup and relationship coach Sara Davison’s tips for dealing with a lost love


How to heal after heartbreak

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1. Acknowledge that it is natural to grieve the end of a relationship that meant a lot to you. Be kind to yourself during this distressing time.

2. Take off the rose-tinted glasses and write a list of all the things you didn’t like about your former partner. Be realistic and don’t romanticise your relationship, nor your ex. It was not perfect!

3. Interrupt your negative, self-limiting thoughts with five star jumps!

4. Experiment with shrinking images of your ex in your mind; make them black and white and picture them zooming off into the far-off distance.

5. Stop ‘social media self-harming’ – don’t stalk your ex and follow what they are doing, it will only prolong the pain.

6. Write a ‘Breakup bucket list’ – everything you can do now that you could not have done with your ex, for example, travelling to a place they didn’t want to visit or becoming absorbed in a new hobby, something just for you.

7. Focus on what you have learned and how you can use these lessons positively in your future romantic partnerships.

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