How to choose the right partner and avoid the wrong ones

Iuliana Alexa, editor in chief of Psychologies in Romania, introduces her new book


How to choose the right partner and avoid the wrong ones

How do we choose a partner for life? What is involved in our choice? A choice which impacts many other aspects of our lives: our mental health for one, our children’s wellbeing, and even our wealth!

By now, everything we know about choosing a partner shows that people choose emotionally. Love is the trigger. But is this the best way to choose?

The bigger number of divorcés says otherwise. Many of us want intensity, the irrationality of love. Strong emotions make us feel alive, young, energetic. We sniff at the idea of rationality, because we believe that rationality is cold, it kills emotion.

Then we are dominated culturally by the idea that love is something we stumble upon, that we don’t control much. We can only bend under its blind force. In other words, we leave to chance one of the most important decisions in life.

But what if we tried to understand love and mate choice? To make love more rational and therefore, more poweful and durable?

This book is a collection of stories about love and marriage. It comes with an analysis of the deep patterns that influence our choices in love, and it offers some criteria for a better evaluation of one’s relationship. It also includes a series on interviews with therapists, casting some light upon what makes us choose wrongly, and a few techniques that may help us to choose better.

How to choose the right partner and avoid the wrong ones by Iuliana Alexa is available as an eBook now here.

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