Head Talks: Removing the mystique of mental health

Talking about mental health issues is no longer a taboo subject. Head Talks is an online resource for mental wellbeing for everyone with an interest in being a better version of themselves


Head Talks: Removing the mystique of mental health

Head Talks is a digital platform that hosts short talks aimed at informing, inspiring and engaging those interested in their mental wellbeing. It features real people speaking from the heart and from their own experience. It is easily accessible and easy to understand.

Melissa Hemsley talks exclusively to Head Talks about mental health and the sense of healing that can come from cooking, lifestyle and community. 

Watch the full video here:


Through these talks people can gain knowledge and apply practical steps in their own lives to achieve better mental health. They can take away new therapies, disciplines, ideas and perspectives for their own lives and their wider communities. Head Talks is committed to building programmes in organisations and in communities to bring access to mental health toolkits to as many people as need them. 

Here’s another talk from the Head Talks collection:

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