Dealing with change and uncertainty using flower essences

How can flower essences help us deal with change and uncertainty? Here Saskia Marjoram, director of Saskias Flower Essences, shares her advice


Dealing with change and uncertainty using flower essences

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last few months is that we can never ever be certain what is going to happen next. It definitely feels like the age of certainty is over. We are going to have to, whether we like it or not, put our Big Girl Pants on and show up for the next level.

Which for some can be exciting (if you’re in the ‘bring it on’ camp) and for others utterly terrifying (the ‘hide under the covers ‘til it’s over’ camp) and for most of us it’s somewhere in between and changing daily depending on such a wide range of factors.

Luckily, we have tools in the form of flower essences. And they’ve certainly come into their own in the past few months. Although only containing the energy of plants, essences are in no way ‘wishy washy’. The emotional and behavioural changes they bring can be powerful and life-changing, or ‘just’ something to help you get through a particular ordeal. They can be taken for personal growth and unlearning patterns of a lifetime or to help with an acute situation such as loss of a loved one or handing in your notice.

Whatever the situation there is always help and lessons to learn from the plant kingdom and essences are a great way of harnessing the information they have to share in a way that is completely safe and so easy. All you have to do is to remember to take the drops.

There are many essences to choose from depending on your particular situation but one of the essences I highly recommend for anyone who is petrified of stepping out into the void of change is Twayblade essence. This is great for giving you the faith that you will be looked after and supported as you jump into the unknown.

Wild Garlic is another essence to take whenever fear or uncertainty of any kind is involved. It helps you know that you are never alone and will always be looked after.

And for those times when we feel like all we want to do is hide under the covers Borage is a great support and helps us feel like we could cope with anything. It’s one of the main ingredients in our Calm and Confident combination.

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So as we step into the next phase of our lives please don’t forget that the essences are there waiting to help. And if you have ANY questions or want suggestions just email me at

Pictured: Saskia Marjoram

Saskia Marjoram has spent her whole life working with flowers as a gardener, florist and flower essence producer and, for the last nearly 20 years, has been working with how humans and plants interact on an energetic level. You can find out more about her essences here.

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