Nutritionist Yvonne McMeel offers some tips to curb those cravings…



No other feeling can diminish your willpower faster than a food craving. Originally, they can be traced back to our ancestors when food was scarce and we craved nutrients to stay alive.

Unsure of when the next meal might be available, it was only logical to eat foods that had a high sugar content in order to store the extra fuel. Nowadays cravings tend to be the result of boredom or a sign of emotional eating.

‘Contrary to popular belief, you can control your food cravings,’ says Brain Food nutritionist Yvonne McMeel.

Here are her top tips on how to curb cravings for good:

1) Set a date and time and plan what you want to eat for the rest of the day or week. This way you’ll look forward to eating rather than consuming food erratically and feeling guilty for doing so afterwards.

2) Start a new and rewarding hobby that uses your hands and distracts you. Take up knitting or learn to play a musical instrument. You can also try calling or texting a friend who you know will make you feel better.

3) When a craving hits, just pause and take five minutes to think. Notice what’s going on around you and take yourself away from what you are doing. Go for a quick walk or even pop to the ladies if you’re at work.

4) Never tell yourself that you can’t give in. The forbidden is extremely tempting, so instead just tell yourself to wait.

5) 'Mind over matter' is a saying for a reason. If you can’t stop thinking about food replace thoughts with images of how you'll look after your weight loss or think of compliments you’ve recently received from friends or loved ones.