Body breakthrough 3: The supplement

If we understood our bodies better, we’d have the key to improved health and wellbeing. Often, this understanding is intuitive, but when you’re in need of an overhaul, these three body boosters – tried and tested by Amerley Ollennu – could be the answer you’ve been looking for…


Body breakthrough 3: The supplement

Supporting all 11 systems of the body (from your digestive system to your respiratory system), the Super Elixir, created by nutritional expert and disease prevention specialist Dr Simone Laubscher and none other than ‘The Body’ herself Elle Macpherson, claims to combat 21st century-induced imbalance. Made up of highly specialised alkalising greens, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, this type of non-synthetic supplement is the future of wellness and vitality.

Why? Firstly, it comes in powder form, so it’s easily mixed into liquids that are absorbed much more effectively by the body, as the gut doesn’t have to break down the ingredients first. Secondly, it supplies the optimum organic nutrition to allow all our cells to work as they should, ridding themselves of toxins and absorbing as many nutrients as possible from the foods we eat. The Super Elixir was originally formulated for Macpherson by Dr Laubscher and, having gone through many different incarnations, it was finally perfected around her 50th birthday – ‘A good thing too,’ Macpherson says, as she really began to feel the effects of being a working mum like never before.

‘After only a week of taking alkalising greens, I noticed a terrific difference. I felt better, my mood stabilised and I stopped craving sugar, plus I had far more energy. Life feels easier now; my workouts are less of a slog, the effects of jet lag have lessened, and I sleep more deeply than I ever did,’ she says.

Personally, I was drawn to the Super Elixir primarily because it eradicates the need for taking any other supplements. I stockpile mine, and the top drawer of my desk at work is filled with fish oils, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The problem is, I rarely take them. With so many to take and at different times, with food, without, or after, it’s hard to keep up. With the Super Elixir, all I had to do was add it to my morning glass of water and I’d be done until the next day. Did it make me feel better? Definitely. My energy levels were much improved. How did I know it was the elixir working its magic? Let’s just say if you do forget to take it in the morning, don’t take it at night!

The Super Elixir, from £32 for 150g,

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