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You’ve eaten better than a Queen

Queen Victoria the ‘Empress of India’ had all the power of the country but was unable to try their common fruit the humble mango. It couldn’t last the journey to England and she never travelled to India.

We are all guilty of falling into the trap of looking at what we don’t have or comparing ourselves to others. Social media thrives and encourages us to do exactly this day in day out and it can take it’s toll, especially when you think everyone is living a better life than you.

However we can chose what we focus on and if you are feeling disadvantaged just remember we can walk into any supermarket and eat fresh mango something a Queen, with all her power and money, couldn’t do.

We have access to things that a former Queen of England wanted but could not have.

Let’s just take a minute to think about that. 

If we decide to focus on the vast opportunities we have today instead of what we ‘don’t’ have, suddenly the day is a little brighter. So let’s challenge ourselves for every have not thought lets transform it into three things we do have and are grateful for and over time this will became our default disposition. Let’s get ready to recognise and welcome the opportunities that come knocking today.

Keeping our outlook clean and clear is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, so whatever your ‘mango’ is go and ‘eat’ it today! 

Laura Alfred

Laura Alfred

Mindset coach

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