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Why is there a Stigma about Therapy?

People who do partake in Coaching or Therapy of any kind, are in fact far from crazy. They are actually taking a very positive step. Written by Ollie Coach, Belinda Wells.

Have you ever thought or felt ‘What’s wrong with me”? Physically or Emotionally.

Maybe you’ve made a mistake, have a problem, or find yourself in situation where you’re not sure why you reacted the way you did? Not sure you are feeling the way you do?

What was I thinking? Why do I feel this way? What’s wrong with me?

These thoughts can play on our mind and we would like to know the answer, right?

We would go to a doctor if we felt ill. But often people are less inclined to seek help when they have a non- physical problem. Often, there is a stigma attached to seeing a therapist or counsellor. Feeling you have failed, can’t cope, are weak in some way. Or indeed, the thought that there is something wrong with you! Sometimes we worry about what others may think or say.

But would we worry about going to a doctor if we had a physical problem?  No, not usually!

A coach or therapist can help with your mind, just as a doctor can help with your body. Many of us go to a doctor only to find there isn’t anything wrong. It is a relief to know that all is well. Sometimes there is a health issue, and this is when we trust our doctor to be able to make us physically well. But what if your problem isn’t a physical? It may be emotional, a trauma, or a problem. So why not go to the ‘doctors’ who can help with emotions, traumas or problems?

Therapists counsellors and coaches. They are there for exactly that!

And if you went to your doctor for something that wasn’t physical, what would they do? Well, guess what, they would refer you to a therapist, coach or counsellor!

Now, to the stigma often attached to counselling, coaching or therapy! That feeling of failure, weakness or there being something wrong with you….

If you went to a therapist and they told you there was nothing wrong with you, then you may feel cheated. But……. having emotional problems doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you!

Seeing a coach or counsellor does not mean there is something wrong with you:

This is a huge myth around therapy and counselling. 

In fact, going to visit a therapist, counsellor or coach could mean several things:

  • Something has happened to you – maybe a traumatic experience
  • You are looking to improve or gain more understanding in some areas of your life
  • You want to work through some complex or challenging emotions

Or it could mean you are:

Challenging negative thinking patterns

  • Searching for new tools or techniques to help you cope in difficult situations
  • Focussing on self-development or personal growth
  • Undergoing change in your life, or you are
  • Keen to learn how to protect your mental health

And there is nothing wrong with a person who is seeking any of these things. In fact, this is a really healthy approach.

The truth is, we all fail from time to time. We all have days or even periods in our lives where we can’t cope. This is normal. It does not mean there is something wrong with us! And if there is nothing wrong with us, then we don’t need fixing.

But that doesn’t mean that everything is well, and sometimes in life we may just need a little extra help. Asking for help is a far more mature reaction than thinking we will get over things or can muddle through! A person who seeks help is indeed a strong and courageous person, even though they may not realise it at the time!

We go to a doctor to ask for help.

We might call the breakdown or recovery service when we have a problem with our car.

We would call out a plumber or electrician if there was a problem with our heating or electrics.

Yet we don’t think it is right to call a therapist if we have a problem with anything to do with our thoughts, our minds or our emotions?

Now there is a crazy thought!

And some people think only crazy people go to therapy!  An even crazier thought!

People who do partake in Coaching or Therapy of any kind, are in fact far from crazy. They are actually taking a very positive step. Therapy, counselling and coaching sessions can help people gain a better understanding of their own emotions. Can teach communication skills to enable you to understand and cope with those emotions better. And it can improve your outlook and success in life.

Belinda Wells, Ollie Coach

Belinda is an Ollie Coach and Foster Carer. Previously a Primary School Teacher, she now has over 20 years’ experience working with children. Her interests are psychology, how we think and why we behave as we do, and she loves learning and writing.  Belinda enjoys seeing the difference her work as an Ollie Coach can make to the children and families she works with.

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Caroline Chipper


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