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Who is your inner critic?

In this blog Trainee Ollie Coach, Stacie Glass asks you if you have ever wondered who or what that innver voice is and given it a name?

We all have one don’t we…you know that voice inside that tells us we aren’t good enough, we should have done better today, we shouldn’t have said that, we’re lazy/stupid – the list goes on. Maybe it isn’t a voice you hear but a feeling you get in your body that makes you feel bad about yourself.

The inner critic usually comes from a place of fear – an automatic response to protect us. We all know there’s a lot going on in the world; namely a global pandemic which creates a sense of uncertainty, confusion and isolation.

Have you ever wondered what that inner critic is afraid of?

Fear of loss

Fear of being unloved

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of not being enough

Fear of failure

Fear of loneliness

Fear of being fearful

Have you ever wondered who or what that voice is and given it a name? You might think I’m a bit crazy but bear with me…the first step in taming that critic is acknowledging it’s there and allowing yourself to consider its character as a way of understanding its purpose.

The next time you hear the negative thoughts or feel bad about yourself, take a second to notice it – what it is saying or how does it feel? If it had a visual what would it look like? Or if it had a feeling in your body where would it be? If you could give it a name what would it be?

A case study of mine recently was surprised to learn her inner critic/anxiety was Darth Vader…yep that’s the one if you’ve ever seen Star Wars. She found it ridiculous at first but once she got acquainted with him and learnt what his purpose was, she was able to tame the out of control spiral of negative thinking that Darth usually created.

For me, I hear the negative thoughts and I feel it in my body. I call it ‘My Friend Fear’. Now I know what you’re thinking…how can it be my friend? Well mainly because its purpose is to protect me – yes it goes over the top most the time and limits what I believe about myself but in reality, it just wants to keep me safe. So by thinking about it in this way, I’m able to recognise it for what it is and learn how to tame it so it doesn’t limit me and hold me back from what I want to achieve.

What if I told you that there’s another voice but usually a much quieter and softer voice, the one that gets pushed down by the loud critic who usually takes over the show? Actually I would go as far to say that the loud critic is a hijacker of our thoughts and emotions.

The softer, gentler, and caring voice is the part of you that wants you to grow – it’s your own personal cheerleader; our biggest fan. It’s the one that steps forward and pushes Fear out the way because it knows you are enough as you are and you’re here to achieve great things… “Pipe down inner critic…move over, we’ve got s*** to do!” (I’ve just realised that this voice can also be loud if we let it and can actually be quite bossy…oh well, Fear deserves it when he’s getting too big for his boots).

So, we have Protection versus Growth….

We need both but clearly we need to moderate who is the lead depending on what we need at any one particular time. This means we really do everything we need inside…we have Fear for Protection and The Cheerleader for Growth. They both serve a purpose and I’ll let you into a secret…we can choose which one to listen to.

Which one do you want to listen to today?

In the Ollie model we embrace all these parts of ourselves and let them have a voice so that we can understand them more to create the resources we need to stop Fear holding us back and to grow into the best versions of ourselves.

“I learned that Courage was not the absence of Fear, but the triumph over it. The Brave is not the one who does not feel afraid, but the one who conquers that Fear”  Nelson Mandela 

Stacie Glass, Ollie Coach trainee

I qualified as a registered midwife in 2007 and have worked as an NHS midwife since, my current role is as a clinical effectiveness specialist midwife. I have always been interested in psychology and mental wellbeing – I gained a Master’s degree in Health Research in 2016 studying mental health screening tools for women in pregnancy.

I have been on the other side of therapy as the client for many years for my healing journey from childhood sexual abuse which only makes me more passionate to help others heal emotionally/mentally. I am writing a book about my healing journey in the hope to inspire others to speak their truth and find their own healing path to the life they deserve. Both my personal experience of childhood abuse and my interest in helping others with their mental wellbeing led me to where I am now training to be an Ollie Coach. I look forward to where this will lead me in the future.

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Caroline Chipper

Caroline Chipper


Co founder of Subconquest Ltd, that trades as Ollie and his Super Powers. My many years of commercial experience is being put to good use managing the business side of Ollie, including working with our Ollie Coaches, and managing our contracts. In everything we do its about making a difference to those we work with. To find out more go to