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Upgrade your mind and become a powerful decision-maker

The decisions and judgment calls we make are rarely a result of well-thought out decisions, but a result of past ‘programs’ stored in our subconscious mind, of which we are not aware of. Unless we take the time to learn to uncover what we cannot see.

One of the most efficient and ever-lasting ways to experience a radical jump in one’s decision-making power is to bring the unconscious into the conscious. When you learn to do this, you become your own source of constant growth to continuously improve your decision-making. 

The way we operate at work, the decisions we favor and the judgment calls we make are not really a result of well-thought out decisions, but a result of past ‘programs’ stored in our subconscious mind, of which we are not aware of. Unless we take the time to learn to uncover what we cannot see.

This is not something easily done without someone, who can help you how to become your own inner detective and your own coach. This is why I have created a MasterClass on ‘Leading from Higher Self’, which starts September 9 (check it out here). The class will help anyone to step into more ease, wisdom, efficiency and calm when it comes to decision-making.

And we need it. For a majority of people about 95% of decisions are determined by factors in the subconsciousness which are beyond their control, according to neuroscientists[1]. The decisions have already been determined by our subconsciousness before they become conscious to us. We only get to rationalize them afterwards, attributing what sounds like a reasonable basis for a murky, unknown process[2]. Often time we rationalize our decisions based on past experience with seemingly similar situations or based on how we (narrowly) interpret the external factors.

In reality our decision-making is quite random and unreliable. It prevents us from discerning what are in fact the best actions to take in any moment, because we operate from a perspective clouded by something of which we are not aware. We look at each decision from a perspective already decided by our subconscious. Even when we think we have contemplated the decision, we are not really in control. This limits our ability to assess situations accurately and limit what choices we perceive are available to us to solve a problem, discern a action or make a judgment call.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Through conscious leadership training, we can effectively bring into awareness the predetermined structures in our subconscious, which we operate from. The right consciousness training will help you dissolve the hardwired structures of the subconscious decisions-patterns, literally opening you up to see more perspectives and discern more and better choices.

In an interview I did a couple of years ago with Kevin McCoy, co-managing director at the HR technology company Next Jump, he shared how consciousness training had radically changed his decision-making. An experience he had as a teenager had without his knowing influenced the decisions he had made in his leadership.

Kevin shared how his worry-free teenage existence ended abruptly when he was in High School. His older sister had developed an addiction to alcohol, which caused turbulence in the otherwise stable family life, Kevin had been used to. Chaos, turmoil and arguing suddenly became a part of everyday life as his parents struggled to get his sister into rehab and back on track in life.

And luckily, she did recover, got back on track, and ordinary family life could resume. Kevin graduated high-school, went on to get his degree from ‘Tufts University’, and ended in a successful leadership position with the internationally renounced IT-company, Next Jump., and started his own family. The unstable family life of his teenage years was a closed chapter he had long ago put behind him.

Or so he thought.  Until one day, the experience surfaced in a leadership workshop with his colleagues from Next Jump. Together they investigated their inner, personal landscape, shared their personal story and what has influenced their upbringing. Suddenly he realized how this experience from many years ago, still influenced all his leadership decisions:

I realized that all the judgment calls and decisions I had made in my adult life – big as small – almost all had been an attempt to create stability. It was my subconscious pattern, which I hadn’t noticed. And sometimes it was valid, but other times not.

I suddenly gained that level of consciousness and understood what deeper narrative actually ran my decisions – that it was not good to create instability – and that it was all about keeping things stable. And when I understand that narrative, and where it comes from, then I can change it by daily practicing a new pattern in my decision-making” Kevin shares.

Kevin’s story is not uncommon. The clients I’ve coached or trained in conscious leadership uncover similar stories about how family patterns, dynamics and past experiences are running their decision-making without them knowing in situations where it didn’t actually serve them anymore.

There are many reasons why we should take the time and give ourselves the opportunity to upgrade our inner decision-making software. It is a radical life-changer for our leadership. However, for now, I’ll share just 3 benefits, which you’ll also experience if you join the upcoming masterclass on Leading from Your Higher Self, starting September 9, 2019:
Better outcomes, more energy and a calm mind.

  1. When we free ourselves of past patterns, we gain a clearer perspective, which is not colored by the past. We literally see situations more clearly, and are able to discern more perspectives, and more choices becomes available to us, ensuring better quality of decisions and outcomes.
  2. For people who hasen’t engaged in training of the subconscious it is estimated that 70% of our subconscious programming is negative[3], and it costs us enormous amount of our energy to manage, making us more easily exhausted, tired and overwhelmed when we operate from these life-negating patterns. Dissolving these patterns will give you a new source of energy and ease.
  3. We live in increasingly complex times where experiences of the past are very poor helpers to deal with the present. Or even to discern the future. Consciousness training will help to calm your mind and relieve the stress of uncertainty and complexity as your mind will be freed up to handle more complexity.

If you are ready to upgrade your mind and step into more powerful decision-making better suited for our complex times, I invite you to join the upcoming master class ‘Lead from Higher Self’, offered by myself and Dorianne Cotter-Lockard.

We are doing a free intro webinar August 26, 2019, which you can sign up to here: REGISTER HERE.

It will be an honor to invite you into our co-creative learning space to connect to our highest potential as leaders. Be aware that limited spots are available as we want to ensure a high quality with great interactions.




Upgrade your mind and become a powerful decision-maker

Upgrade your mind and become a powerful decision-maker

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