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Uncertain times – facing challenges

As a Mental Fitness Coach, I help clients learn to face their challenges with a more resourceful, solution focused, positive mindset.

How to thrive in uncertain times

In the current economic climate, we all need a more positive, resourceful, solution focused mindset more than ever. With gas and electric prices soaring coupled with the wintery temperatures plummeting, the cost of living spiralling and on top of that, services striking, it can have a negative impact on us.

It is helpful to remember that, as human beings we are innately innovate, imaginative and creative and have this within us to help us through tough times. Over the centuries by tapping into our survival mechanisms and adapting we have been able to survive. We are created to be able to survive. We are given a super device, that is our brain along with our senses.
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However, to make these super devices work effectively we can feed them the right information. As Henry Ford said; ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!’. We can learn to tap into that our creativity, that is not just given to the chosen few, but it is within us all, along with innovativeness to generate ideas, these are part of our human existence.

Currently we are all trying to cut down, and live on a tighter budget, as gas and electricity bills are rising and food prices are rising, we don’t have to rely on Martin Lewis to think out of the box, we can too. Here are some things I have been doing;

• Heat the body by drinking regular hot drinks. I have pulled a big flask I had lying about in the cupboard that I haven’t used in ages and rather than boiling the kettle each time I want a hot drink I boil the kettle once and fill my flask and use that for 3 or 4 cups.

• Keep fit and warm. I found two old Rosemary Connelly salsercise DVDs I hadn’t used in years and I have started using them every day at home. It helps me to keep warm, feel uplifted by some great tunes and get exercise at the same time – win, win, win. If you don’t have DVD player for exercise videos there are lots on free dance videos on YouTube or you can create a playlist of songs and from time to time throughout the day play a song, get up and move your body to warm it up, it can help us feel more positive, energised, and more flexible, all of which feels great and feeds our creativity and resourcefulness.

• After a workout you can snuggle up on the sofa with a fluffy blanket and a good book, or your Netflix show or the Psychologies magazines. I find that I feel better and more positive having exercised.

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• I also got a wheat pack which I can heat up in the microwave at times when my hands or feet feel cold and it works so well. Fluffy socks and clothes keep my warmer body temperature constant for longer.

What ideas can you think of to keep yourself warmer and reduce electricity and gas bills?
For sure we all have lots of ideas within us, sometimes we just have to open up to find them. We can all learn to use our innate innovativeness and creativity to help.
Why not get all the family to sit down and generate ideas, brainstorm, all ideas welcome however weird and wonderful, even allow for the not so practical without judgement or criticism, just have fun with it with openness, as even if an idea is not that practical it might very well help generate other more doable ideas.

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Have fun using your innovativeness and creativity, be playful, it works wonders for solution focus resourceful to help us not only survive but also to thrive.

Patricia Ahern

Patricia Ahern

Mental Fitness and Self Love Coach

About me and my self love journey I love creativity I Love writing I love singing I love curiosity, wonder and awe I Love my inner child, who reminds me how wonderful life is I Love my wise elder self, who spurs me on into my dream future I Love working on my mental fitness and positive emotional intelligence which I have learnt is the essence of a successful, happy and fulfilled life. I grew into my self love – I created it, and I have to build on it every day with mindfulness, meditation, positive affirmations, creative writing, my story is a life commitment and a work in progress and always will be but it is an enjoyable and rewarding one. I love helping young professional women write their story, growing and nurturing their creativity to live their best lives, being the best version of themselves they wish to me, growing from a deeper sense of self-love within. Do you feel like your life is a roller coaster of emotions? Currently, your inner judge/self-critic, beats you up, and you wake in the middle of the night worrying about what happened, and what may happen tomorrow, with a sense of overwhelm, fear and unease, have you lost yourself in the depths of your busy noisy life….. Do you feel you are living a life story with old beliefs and thoughts patterns creating the same patterns of negative behaviour and problems in your life? Perhaps with tendencies like for perfectionism, people pleasing, imposter syndrome? Now…. Imagine a path of ease and flow, with a sense of calm in your life, where you are in control of your emotions and emotional responses, you’re resourceful, you’re positive, solution focused, with complete clarity for action, with a positive mindset and attitude, mentally fit and resilient and prepared for whatever life throws at you. Do you long for this type of ease and flow life? Are you ready to take positive control and ownership of your life and start writing your own story? I help facilitate the creating of this path for women in their 30’s to 40’s who feel they are ready to find that path back to their true authentic self, with a true deep sense of self-worth, self-value, and most of all self-love. I do this by helping you to build on skills, most of us don’t learn in school or in our younger life; with emotional and positive intelligence for transformational sustainable change with Mental Fitness. If you are ready, I am ready and able to help you, write and live your story. Get in touch if you want to find out more about Mental Fitness and positive intelligence and how it can help you achieve the life you want and write your story in which you are the main character, the love of your life, the heroine. It would be a pleasure to help you

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