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Tips to help you develop your playful side

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we forget to play which is a pity as play is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.

What do you have to look forward to this weekend? Active recreation has more benefits for wellbeing by getting the body moving, releasing stress and boosting self-esteem than passive entertainment, such as watching TV or scrolling social media.

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we discard the art of playfulness which is a pity as play is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.  As adults, we are often so absorbed in the cares of everyday life that we simply forget to play, which is a shame as it is an excellent means of gaining perspective and enabling relaxation. 

Play can be as simple as sharing a joke with a friend, reading a book that gives you a belly laugh or throwing a ball in the garden for your dog. Why not create for yourself a playlist of leisure and social activities that you find enjoyable. For example, you might like to go for a walk in the countryside, attend a farmers’ market, sing in a choir, take part in a pub quiz, draw or paint free-form, colour-in a paint book, view an exhibition or visit your local theatre. 

Take a few minutes to write up a list of ten leisure pursuits you enjoy (include those you haven’t done for a while but would like to). Then choose one or maybe two that you will do this weekend. Maybe you can fit in one or two others during the working week? Perhaps there’s a regular slot you could put in your diary, for example, to do a dance class or go to a stand up comedy club? 

Playfulness is an attitude. George Bernard Shaw said “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Why not take five minutes and enjoy the spontaneity of the moment, by dancing in the kitchen to the sound of your favourite song or singing your heart out in the shower.

Play isn’t just for children. Keep your outlook fresh and bright – move more, laugh more and create some playtime for yourself with those you love. 

Beverly Landais PCC

Beverly Landais PCC

Certified Personal & Team Coach: enabling people to be at their resourceful best

We live in an ever-changing dynamic world. At best, this can be exhilarating and provide excellent opportunities for personal growth. At worst, it can be exhausting and stressful as you try to do it all, which can lead to the feeling that you are doing nothing well. Maybe you are in such a situation? Perhaps you have reached a point where you long to create the life that you want rather than the one that is happening? If so, I may be the right coach to support you. My purpose is simple. I work with people to help them be at their resourceful best. I bring all of my expertise to the service of my clients. My skill set includes 30 years of experience in business, including board level. As a Professional Certified Coach and Positive Psychology Practitioner, I can help you to think your options through, make better choices and do the things that promote wellbeing, bring personal as well as professional satisfaction and make you happy. I am particularly skilled in supporting those who are at a crossroads in their life. My coaching approach can help you gain a clear understanding of your values, motivators, drivers, strengths and consider the impact of blind spots – and what you can do to mitigate these. I work via video calls, by phone and email. Should you wish to arrange a 30-minute complimentary discovery session, please contact me via