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Reflections from my morning walk

How might uncertainty help us tap in to our other senses and what might we gain when we do this rather than being over reliant on our sight to get direction and clarity. A walk in the mist helped open up my thinking around this, let me know what you think.

As I walked round the lake in the mist it got me thinking about what it is about ambiguity, lack of clarity and uncertainty that we don’t like. 

When the sun breaks through in patches and shines light on parts of my view I smile at what I can now see, that just a moment before was shrouded in mist as it wasn’t clear what was there. What is it about what we see that reassures us? 

Do we over rely on our sight to guide us and reassure us? When the route before us is unclear we get a little anxious which stimulates a variety of not helpful behaviours in us. I stopped and sat in the mist and closed my eyes for a few minutes, what I noticed was that I tapped into my other senses, I could hear a variety of birds singing, the water lapping on the side of the bank, a voice was carried through the mist that was a little muffled by the time it got to me. I smelt the air and could smell the damp leaves and smell of the woods behind me with a hint of wood burning no doubt from a distant fire. What did I feel, I felt a chill on my face from the crisp frosty air yet the warmth in my body under my coat, I also felt the sturdy ground beneath my feet and  the bench I was sitting on against my body. 

I realised that while my eyes were open I’d missed what all these other senses were picking up, which are actually reassuring as knew what they were and it gave n=me a sense of familiarity which was comfortable.

I also noticed what my intuition was flicking around within me and I allowed it to float around until I started to understand what it was telling me. 

All of that leaves me with a question, are we over reliant on our sight to guide us which is why when we can’t see our way forward we don’t like it. Yet if we dial up our other senses and intuition we might get clarity and a sense where it would be useful for us to go next. 

Having explored this thinking through the mist and having written these thoughts while having a coffee at the end of my walk I notice the warmth of the sun as it streams through the window, yet in the distance the mist still sits there refusing to move. A reminder to tap into all our senses and develop those that maybe we don’t listen to as much as our sight. Take time to explore your intuition and you might find that it guides you through ambiguity and change. 

Julie Hickton

Julie Hickton

Managing Director

With over 25 years working with people and organisations as an executive coach, HR Director and mum, I have an excellent understanding of people and what they need to enable them to reach their full potential and have high levels of psychological wellbeing. We all have the ability to develop and grow, coaching provides an excellent opportunity to support individuals and teams achieve their aspirations and raise their levels of happiness. Interested in reading more about who I am and how I work...... Trained as an executive coach, therapeutic coach, team coach, thinking partner. Expertise and trained in; positive psychology, emotional intelligence, compassion and self compassion, various psychometric tools, NLP and therapeutic coaching.

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