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Personal leadership is an everyday affair

It is not just for people managers. Leading by example is often invisible and happening every day. You are impacting someone’s life even when you don't know it. Sometimes they tell you. Most of the time they don’t.

Your morning smile is an acknowledgement they are seen. Listening is an acknowledgement they are heard. A spontaneous compliment may make someone’s day. Your wise words or advice may spur someone on. Or reframe their dilemma in a positive light. Sharing your story – whether of struggle or triumph – may help someone be at peace with where they are on their journey.

Carry on warrior
Never forget that simply turning up with sleeves rolled up wearing a smile shows the world you are a warrior. Ready to take on the challenge at hand.

Believe you make a difference. Because you do. You impact and contribute to something higher and greater around you every day. Although it’s not always visible. Maybe you struggle with the feeling of being a mere drop in the ocean and question how you can add (more) value.

The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is right in front of you. Be YOU. Embrace and use your unique qualities every day. This should be effortless if you are living authentically. Without expecting a pat on the back or other external rewards.

Be your own cheerleader
If you constantly rely on others for feedback, you will be in for a tough ride. Make your own list of accomplishments. Sometimes in writing but also mentally. Include the small things too.

There is no failure
And it’s not about perfectionism and getting it right. It’s about trying new things out, stepping outside your comfort zone and admitting you don’t know all the answers. It’s about showing vulnerability, whilst maintaining a positive outlook. Sometimes it’s about getting it wrong and learning.

Show the world your greatest self, warts and all. Embrace life as a learning opportunity.

Be a leader. Your way. Today and in the future.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Karin Weiser

Karin Weiser

International Business Coach (ICF-ACC) and Writer

Transition Specialist who supports ambitious professionals in transition in their career and life with conversations that matter. I help ambitious professionals to write the next chapter of their career story. To own it, walk it and talk it. I have rewritten my story many times - moved countries, climbed the corporate ladder, zigzagged in my career. I stand for diversity, well-being and lifelong learning. In 2019 I took a life leap to self-employment. Proud to be a Psychologies Ambassador and ICF Barefoot certified coach (ACC). My WHY is to have a positive impact on people - in person, virtually and through words. British by birth, global by choice - I'm based in Copenhagen and work globally. My personal recipe for a balanced life includes a splash of optimism, yoga and dark chocolate.

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