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On the 12 days of Christmas – Practicing Positive Intelligence

To calm mind and body and reduce stress and tension, on the 12 days of Christmas, I will be practicing Positive Intelligence, continuing to build on my mental fitness daily with even more heartiness, true unconditional love and compassion will come from me and all of these listed along with it which I share with you;

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1) Be aware of taking on too much – when saying “yes” to someone or something, be aware, of times when you might be saying “no” to yourself – choose yes’s and no’s wisely, set your boundaries as nobody else can do that for you. Be brave enough to ask for help when you need it.

2) Be mindful of your self-talk – beating yourself up is counterproductive, instead practice self-compassion & empathy, keep learning lessons and move forward with valuable teachings. If you beat yourself up, you move forward with judgment, criticism and negativity in your heart. Your beautiful heart doesn’t deserve that. Give yourself a hug from time to time.

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3) Smile, remembering all the small joys of life regularly. A smile is the curve that sets everything straight.

4) Simply practice “BEING” with nature. Seek out nature wherever you can and use all your senses in nature, see, hear, touch, smell. Just 5 minutes mindfully in nature can help to recalibrate and destress the mind and body.

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5) Eat mindfully; take time to taste all the delicious food, give each bite time (studies recommend 32 chews per bite), as you chew become consciously aware of taste, texture, temperature etc. Let the food nourish you in more ways than one!

6) Breathe; it’s the connection between mind, body – Neuorscience has proven intentional, conscious breathing techniques have powerful benefits, it calms our nervous system and helps us cope better with stress.

7) Know when to take time out to rest and recover; find peace and calm within, find time for silence, meditate.

8) Practice gratitude: the gratitude attitude is also scientifically proven to help us keep a positive outlook and mindset. Write one thing every day you are grateful for and put it in full view for you and everyone to see. It may inspire others to get involved too.

9) Free up time for “me time”, do something you love that gives you positive energy and ignites passion. Nurture and nourish your creativity, have fun being playful.

10) Laugh as much as you can…. It’s also proven to be the best medicine.

11) Movement, especially at a time of more food and drink than usual, stretch your body and move more regularly.

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12) Be mindful of screen time, think of your posture and the strain it has on your eyes, head and neck, respect for all the parts of the body, that actually works as one whole entity, and it needs your love and care. Instead, spend more time, in good company opening conversations and playing games. The connection of “togetherness” is valuable beyond words and is what the best memories are made of.

These are the gifts I give to myself and the people around me.

Which ones do you think would help you to practice?

If you enjoyed this and think it would be helpful to someone you love, please share it.

If you would like to know more about Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness please get in contact via my website

Patricia Ahern

Patricia Ahern

Mental Fitness and Self Love Coach

About me and my self love journey I love creativity I Love writing I love singing I love curiosity, wonder and awe I Love my inner child, who reminds me how wonderful life is I Love my wise elder self, who spurs me on into my dream future I Love working on my mental fitness and positive emotional intelligence which I have learnt is the essence of a successful, happy and fulfilled life. I grew into my self love – I created it, and I have to build on it every day with mindfulness, meditation, positive affirmations, creative writing, my story is a life commitment and a work in progress and always will be but it is an enjoyable and rewarding one. I love helping young professional women write their story, growing and nurturing their creativity to live their best lives, being the best version of themselves they wish to me, growing from a deeper sense of self-love within. Do you feel like your life is a roller coaster of emotions? Currently, your inner judge/self-critic, beats you up, and you wake in the middle of the night worrying about what happened, and what may happen tomorrow, with a sense of overwhelm, fear and unease, have you lost yourself in the depths of your busy noisy life….. Do you feel you are living a life story with old beliefs and thoughts patterns creating the same patterns of negative behaviour and problems in your life? Perhaps with tendencies like for perfectionism, people pleasing, imposter syndrome? Now…. Imagine a path of ease and flow, with a sense of calm in your life, where you are in control of your emotions and emotional responses, you’re resourceful, you’re positive, solution focused, with complete clarity for action, with a positive mindset and attitude, mentally fit and resilient and prepared for whatever life throws at you. Do you long for this type of ease and flow life? Are you ready to take positive control and ownership of your life and start writing your own story? I help facilitate the creating of this path for women in their 30’s to 40’s who feel they are ready to find that path back to their true authentic self, with a true deep sense of self-worth, self-value, and most of all self-love. I do this by helping you to build on skills, most of us don’t learn in school or in our younger life; with emotional and positive intelligence for transformational sustainable change with Mental Fitness. If you are ready, I am ready and able to help you, write and live your story. Get in touch if you want to find out more about Mental Fitness and positive intelligence and how it can help you achieve the life you want and write your story in which you are the main character, the love of your life, the heroine. It would be a pleasure to help you

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