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Learning to endorse yourself!

Lynne Collins, Ollie Coach, asks "How will you endorse yourself"

Do you sometimes convince yourself that what you do just doesn’t count…

You feel you don’t do anything worthwhile…

Feeling unmotivated and tendency towards self-destructive behaviour…

Awaiting external approval…

It’s pointless, even just doing that bit…

Self Endorsing

Unless we start to:

  • endorse self
  • work on what self thinks
  • what self does 

The destructive behaviours can continue, and the lack of motivation can take hold

Patting yourself on the back

By patting yourself on the back you start to:

  • recognise your own achievements, milestones, steps your making
  • you start to appreciate self
  • you notice how you are doing 

Even if someone does praise you,  you can’t absorb the praise unless you decide to believe and therefore validate what is being said

By making a written or mental list of what you do each day, can help you focus on what you are doing (believe and validate) rather than what you have not. 

By seeking guidance from a Coach to help you unpack the library of learning which has led to the this lack of motivation or do nothingisum (as I call it), can make all the difference, and get you back on track to being more you and motivated…..

How will you endorse yourself?

Lynne Collins, Ollie Coach

My background is in Corporate Communication Companies, in customer centric roles spanning 25+ years.  When my health failed, some ten years ago, I started exploring the creative art of gardening and design, which led me to look into many therapies and how each one can aid healing and development.  I have always had a keen interest in Psychology and what makes us all work and behave as we do.   I now, as an Ollie Coach, specialise in working with those who seek to become all they need to be without the limitation of box ticking, labels and expectations

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Caroline Chipper

Caroline Chipper


Co founder of Subconquest Ltd, that trades as Ollie and his Super Powers. My many years of commercial experience is being put to good use managing the business side of Ollie, including working with our Ollie Coaches, and managing our contracts. In everything we do its about making a difference to those we work with. To find out more go to

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