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Learn to Lead from Higher Self

The observant reader will notice that if people can lead from their ‘Higher Self’ it must indicate that we also have a ‘Lower self’. And that this ‘lower self’ is not a very good decision-maker.

And yes, this is exactly what I’m saying.

We each have a ‘higher self’ and a ‘lower self’ (which I prefer to call our Limited Self). And these two parts of ourselves are essentially running our lives. What we perceive, the meaning we give to things, the decisions we make and the actions we take are essentially run by either our Higher Self or our Limited Self. And they each run our lives very differently – creating completely different outcomes for us.

Why Higher is Better

Research shows[1] that the more people operate from their Higher Self, the better and more successful they are as leaders (whether they are leaders themselves, the few or the many). They are more effective, they make better decisions for all people involved, they are calmer, less worried and stressed. They are better at leading change and transformation. They are better at cultivating relationships, solving conflicts and implementing strategic visions successfully.

Unfortunately, the ‘limited self’ is in charge most of the time for the majority of people[2]. Especially when they have a lot on their plate, are under pressure, are faced with dilemmas, have many important decisions on their plate, are tired, and are met with expectations from other people.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. We can be in the most stressful situations, and still operate from our Higher Self – having completely inner and outer calm – giving us access to create better outcomes, among others. It is something, which is available to each and every one of us.

Change requires the right training

Unfortunately, very few receive leadership training, coaching and support that teaches them how to step into higher levels of consciousness and complexity thinking, which is where the Higher Self is in charge. This is, among others, why Dorianne Cotter-Lockard and myself has decided to offer the 6-week online masterclass ‘Lead From Higher Self’ – open to all regardless of whether they are formally or informally in a leadership position (though space is limited).

In this Masterclass, you will learn to distinguish between you ‘limited self’ and your ‘higher self’, and get the understanding and tools needed for you to keep growing into higher levels of decision-making.

Learn to shift from ‘limited’ to ‘higher’ mind

The ‘Limited Self’ is also often referred to as ‘ego’ or ‘rational’ mind, and it does not have the same decision-making power as our ‘Higher Self’ – especially not in environments with great complexity.
Your (limited) rational mind has a very, very limited perspective, and limits what you are able to achieve and impact through your decisions. Here are just 4 ways where your limited mind is getting in the way of creating the best outcomes:

  • It is operating based on right/wrong. It has a very polarized perspective, and cannot really see beyond what it is attached to as ‘right’. It might recognize that there could be other ways of looking at a situation, but it is deep down attached to what it has already decided is ‘right’. And it is not able to combine the maybe 1 – 4 other perspectives into its way of seeing. It will choose one or the other. This does not ensure the best quality of decisions – especially in a world with a lot of complexity.
  • It is operating based on past experiences. Everything it has been taught about what is right and wrong, and all the experiences from previous, is used to make decisions about the present and future. But past experiences are very, very rarely good indicators of the present moment or to create the future. Particularly not in a world that is unpredictable and moving fast. Letting go of the past, and discerning the present moment is not something the ‘limited Self’ know how to do. It is always limited by what it already knows.
  • It is sourcing information from our negative, subconscious programs to help it make decisions, which means we are not really in control of our decision-making (see this blog for more)
  • It is in close cooperation with the Ego, and thus very concerned with looking good, not getting things wrong, being perceived as competent etc. – and thus is not operating freely and seeing things objectively, but are making decisions that will make the ego happy (whether that is for instance pleasing people or being upset with other people).

Another Path is Available

And then there is your ‘Higher Self’ (also known as the intuitive mind, your better version etc).

We all know and have access to that place in ourselves. Regardless of how often we visit it. Your Higher Self is not occupied with the concerns of your lower, rational mind, and it is not governed by the principles that run your rational mind. There are a lot of great benefits to aligning to our ‘Higher Self’ – these below are just a few:

  • It is not fearful, but stays calm and open even in times of stress
  • It is not limited by past experiences, but can perceive new solutions never thought up, and is very innovative
  • It is comfortable walking into the unknown, and thus change and transformation is not something, which upsets its balance, but it knows how to navigate it effectively
  • It is able to incorporate many perspectives into one great solution, not being attached to or even operating from ‘right/wrong’
  • It is not occupied with ‘looking good’ or protecting itself, so it is great at cooperating with any person it meets on its way
  • It is inspiring for others to be around, because it is driven by purpose and working for the higher good – and as such is also very good at coming up with win-win solutions!

The more we can recognize the ways of the ‘limited mind’ (which is sneaky) and shift ourselves into our ‘higher mind’, the better we fare in life and at work. It doesn’t mean that we let go of our rational mind, we just put it in service to our Higher Self.


If you join our masterclass, we cannot guarantee you’ll walk away fully aligned to your ‘higher mind’, in the 6 weeks we are together. But we can, among others, promise you that you will be more aligned, and at least walk away with 4 new skills:

  • Recognizing when you are coming from ‘limited’ self and your ‘higher self’.
    It will feel very different, when we learn to recognize it.
  • To shift from the limited perspective to a greater perspective even in times of stress
  • To uncover and recognize what is blocking you to make the shift and make changes
  • To become your own coach and use the tools we give you to keep transforming yourself into higher forms of decision-making

We look forward to welcoming you into an eye-opening developmental journey, and into a co-creative space where your personal concerns and challenges will be met.

Join our Intro Webinar the 26th of August – Register.

Read more about the MasterClass  – Lead From Higher Self

[1] Go to this page, and scroll down to  ‘Articles of Interest’ to see a wide range of sources.

[2] Aprox 7% of leaders are operating from highest level of mind according to Harthill

Learn to Lead from Higher Self

Learn to Lead from Higher Self

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