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How my dog helps me live in the moment!

That day you buy your dog, the day your life changes forever, you are their world. Your dog ‘lives in the moment’  and that moment only; what I see I do, what I feel I am, what I hear I react to. You too can 'be in the moment'. Written by Ollie Coach, Lynne Collins.

‘My dog and me’

Have you stopped for one moment today ?

To wonder what is in front of you, to see what you are seeing, hearing, feeling and noticing?

How many times, honestly, do we check in with self and yet we check in with others readily without a heartbeat.  This post is not about others, although still important, this post is about you and the lessons from your dog.

That day you buy your dog, whether it be a pup, an adult or a rescue dog.  The day your life changes forever.  This fluffy being which shares your house and loves you unconditionally through any emotion, through any life event, you are their world.  Read that again ‘You are their world’

What is it about this dog in your life, I hear you ask?  it’s quite simple; what I see I do, what I feel I am, what I hear I react to. Your dog ‘Lives in the moment’  and that moment only. 

Here’s an interesting thing, your dogs emotional system is twice the size of a humans, it means they will react acutely to emotional distress which makes them perfect assistance dogs and most of all our dogs ‘Our Pets’

You dog will pick up on your facial expressions like a therapist will pick up on a patient, your dog is watching your every move and working out how to interact with you.

My dog, is a rescue dog, and she came with her own set of emotions.  I believe she was what I needed and I was what she needed.  She was destructive, she didn’t trust people and quite simply gave my patience a run for its money.  I have learnt a lot and throughout this lock down, I have learnt more than I could ever imagine, by seeing the world through the eyes of a my dog.

You see, my dog gives me space, having connection to the earth and the air, we take in the fields, walking and sometimes jogging.  I watch her body as she reacts to the smallest of flies, how she jumps over the dykes and turns to me for reassurance, that this way is the way we are going.   She will come bounding up to me and sit for a treat, with the biggest smile on her face, and casually run off again to sniff a blade of grass.

‘Whats this all about’,  I hear you ask….? ‘I am in the moment’ I am seeing my life through a dogs perspective, I am seeing all around me, I am hearing the motion of her paws on the land, I am feeling her breath when she sits awaiting her treat, I am ‘anchored’ right there in the moment and it feels good.

I am bottling this feeling, as it brings me ‘peace’.  When I need to feel peace again, I can think of this moment in time and I have ‘peace’

Just my dog and me

Lynne Collins, Ollie Coach

My background is in Corporate Communication Companies, in customer centric roles spanning 25+ years.  When my health failed, some ten years ago, I started exploring the creative art of gardening and design, which led me to look into many therapies and how each one can aid healing and development.  I have always had a keen interest in Psychology and what makes us all work and behave as we do.   I now, as an Ollie Coach, specialise in working with those who seek to become all they need to be without the limitation of box ticking, labels and expectations

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Caroline Chipper

Caroline Chipper


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