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Getting back to normal

Change is so strange, we just want it to be normal

I wonder if after World War 1 and World War 2 people thought that life would get back to normal, after all the trenches, the bombs the young lives lost?

I wonder if after the Spanish flu people thought that life would get back to normal?

We weren’t expecting covid and we want it to go away so that things can go back to normal.

Can they?

Does life every move backwards?

What is normal?

Was it so great anyway?

There have been so many changes in my life time that some people never expected to happen and some people didn’t want to happen.

We weren’t expecting the Berlin Wall to fall.

Or Aparthaid to end.

Or the Peace Agreement in Ireland.

Or gay marriage to be legalised.

Or women to be allowed to be church leaders.

Or the ban on smoking in public places.

We like to think that the world is never changing and stable.  We like to think that if we hold on tight enough, things will stand still.

Things change.

Some things crumble and new things take their place.

What new is emerging?

I’m curious.

Julie Leoni

Julie Leoni

Coach, author, podcaster, facilitator, Yoga and psychology teacher, learner

I have over 30 years of experience and qualification in various therapeutic and meditation/mindfulness based approaches. I work with change. Some changes we chose, others happen to us.  Sometimes we know we want to change but don't know how. Sometimes we don't want to change but external events or people are forcing us to change. The menopause, children leaving home, the end of a relationship or job, becoming a parent, coming out, bereavement are just some of the personal changes I support people with. I also work with people who want to make changes to their life and wider world in response to social issues such as Covid, the climate crisis and racial, sexual and gender inequalities. Times are changing whether we want them to or not and we need to be nimble, agile, curious and open in order to part of the new story emerging. Work with me to get clear on what matters to you, what makes your heart sing and what kind of future you want for yourself and those you love. It is possible to live differently, get in touch to explore how.

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