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Dungeons and Dragons and why it might be what we are all waiting for

I used to think that D and D was for geeky boys. I was wrong

When I was a guide, the scouts I knew spent whole Saturdays locked in one of their dad’s garages playing Dungeons and Dragons.  No girls wanted to or dared enter.  I imagined it was fetid and sweaty and that maybe they dressed up for role play.

I didn’t think of it again until the pandemic when a close friend has been playing it weekly with her daughters, her partner and her ex-husband; amicably and for hours.

Suddenly I was interested.  Girls? D and D?  And they didn’t seem to be dresssing up!

So I asked about it and what I heard made me really envious. I wanted to play so luckily Santa brought us a starter pack, but both of my kids refuse to play.  And we don’t have a Dungeon master (or was it Dragon master?), the person who narrates and constructs the story of the game.

So I asked Iain to talk to me about it on the podcast which you can listen to here.

What I found was that D and D is an amazing way with experimenting with the bits of you which don’t normally see the light of day.  So, for example, I could create a character who is an extrovert, attention-seeker to see how that feels, or I could let my shadow have a play by creating a character who is jealous and greedy and seeing the consequences of that.  It could be an amazing coaching, self-development or team building tool.

Iain, as you will hear, is clearly a really skillful story constructor and I look forward to at some point playing D and D  with him and seeing how he used it for personal development.

In the meantime, I think it really is the most amazing tool for encouraging imagination and experimentation which is more than just a game.

So, in fact, not just for geeks and boys after all.

So do have a listen to find out more.

Iain uses D and D with teams, organisations and individually and you can contact him by emailing me here

Here are some links which Iain recommended:

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Julie Leoni

Julie Leoni

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