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Coaching in Groups and Organisations

About the Power of the Group and Organisational Process for personal and Professional development

I have been working with groups for well over 20 years now. In my Youth Working days, I would take the most vulnerable, marginalised and isolated young people into a group setting and watch how, with careful facilitation, they could bloom and grow into a more confident, self assured and secure version of who they first presented as.

As a Social Worker, I worked with groups as part of projects I ran on care giving, sexual health, mindfulness, self-care and developing independence. People made friends, gave and gained support and improved their lives by learning how to belong.

When I became a senior leader in the social care sector, I always turned to group work to build on the desire to change, to embed new initiatives, to use group think to problem solve, to identify and solve problems and to create solutions.

As a client of psychotherapy, I have made my biggest and most life transforming realisations and decisions in the group context and been present for others as they did the same. 

Using the love and strength offered by other people in a well facilitated group setting nourishes the seeds of personal understanding and moves us to growth.

Now, as a Coach I am harnessing the power of the group to impact the people I work with very powerfully. For the past few years I have used groups specifically to germinate deep and affecting personal and professional change for individuals, their teams and the organisation as a whole. 

I am in the throws of a MSc in Transactional Analysis for Groups and Organisations which is strengthening my understanding and giving me a radical and transformational perspective which strengthens my group offering immeasurably. 

I am an already experienced, confident and competent ‘Organisational Whisperer’ on a constant improvement groove!

I also use groups to strengthen the online therapeutic coaching programmes I offer. I am currently preparing for a 4th February start of Eating Our Feelings, a deeply impactful programme which will take women from compulsive overeating to a place of peace and wellbeing in just ten weeks. How? By teaching some hard hitting Transactional Analysis Theory and offering group coaching to support them to integrate this learning and apply it skilfully to their own process around how they use food instead of meeting their own psychological hungers.

Eating Our Feelings will change lives by offering a potent blend of psycho-education and group coaching.

The main focus of my work is in groups and organisations. I am motivated by impact and in my group work, the impact is usually immeasurable! Magic happens in the group space. Offering online group coaching programmes enables me to use all of my skill, knowledge and power to help people to help each other and themselves. People leave my programmes feeling empowered to take control in their lives in a way they could not do before. 

Offering team and organisational coaching consultancy brings me the same sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. I have worked with various organisations with teams bogged down in a range of ways which leave them feeling immobilised and I am good at supporting them to find ways to become unstuck!

Of course, I continue to coach on a one to one basis but with a very limited number of VIP clients because what I and they both get from this is something I will never walk away from. 

If you are interested in talking with me about your team or organisation, do get in touch, I would love to hear from you. I have space for one organisational piece of work over the next three months. Will it be yours? contact me on 

If you are looking for one to one coaching, I have one space right now and three people making enquiries. I would love to hear from you and if I cant offer you coaching right now, I will let you know when I can. Contact me on 

As ever, with love, Lucy Power

Lucy Power

Lucy Power

Leadership and Success Coach

I am a Therapeutic Success Coach working with people, groups and organisations, I am trained in Transactional Analysis for psychotherapy and organisations as well as being a Barefoot trained Coach and Lead Tutor. I am passionate about the difference TA and Coaching together can make in people's lives. TA gives me a model from which to support you to examine your thinking, feeling and behaviour toward yourself, other people and your world. Together we will hold it all up to the light of Adult scrutiny and you will decide in full awareness what serves you and what doesn't. Bringing your unconscious motivations into your awareness will help you to SUCCEED, whatever this means for you.

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