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Are you choosing to struggle?

If you believe that it has to be hard, then read on! There is an easier way.

The struggle – are you wedded to it? What benefit are you getting from experiencing it, what’s the PAYOFF for staying in it?

I was chatting with a fellow coach today, someone I admire, and whose work is changing lives. She’s a powerhouse, she’s capable and gifted and absolutely brilliant at what she does.


She believes in the struggle. She believes it has to be hard for there to be a ‘learning’ point.

She’s all about personal development, self-mastery and going all-in to achieve your dreams.


She believes that if it’s easy there’ll be nothing to learn from it. To her, mastery comes at a perpetual cost – struggle. 

She believes that her people need to see that she’s struggled too, that she was just like them. 

She believes that’s how she gets to lead, to be a catalyst for change.


She doesn’t see that she’s already struggled enough. 

She hasn’t realised that the lesson has already been learned. 

She isn’t asking herself “when will I have suffered enough?”

I know she’s not alone. I KNOW this is impacting many, many business owners. Chances are that a few of you are reading this article right now!

Journal on the questions below, and dig deep. You’re looking for the belief that’s behind this.

Where is the struggle serving you? 

When does it get to be easy?

What will my life look and feel like when I’m living it with ease?

It doesn’t matter what the ‘it’ is, it can be business, your job, your marriage or relationship. Whatever it is that you’re struggling with right now, journal on the questions in this article!

When does your business get to flourish with ease, when does your job get to be more fun with ease, when does your marriage get to be more fulfilling with ease. 

Because, believe me when I say, it really can be easy, every single bit of it <3

So, are you ready and willing to confront your beliefs head-on?

Even those beliefs that are oh so very sneaky, the beliefs you likely don’t believe that you even have????? Yup those beliefs are super sneaky 😎

I know with certainty, that there’s a reason why you’ve plateaued, why your profit has peaked and why the struggle continues.

I also know with absolute certainty that you don’t have to stay there forever, locked in the struggle.

I’m here for the driven business owner who wants to master their mindset. The business owner who’s ready to embrace their next level income WITH EASE. The business owner who wants to make more money than she can currently comprehend, because quite frankly – she wants to be wealthy! She knows that with wealth in her toolkit she really can be a catalyst for change, she really can make the impact that she dreams about and she really wil be living life on her own terms!

So, here’s the question:

Are you ready for next level private coaching?

If your answer is a resounding YES, ME, I WANT IT!

Let’s chat. 

If we haven’t met before, why not head over to FB and connect with me there. I’d love to learn more about you and what you do. Click HERE – to join me on Facebook

Jane Rapin ACC

Jane Rapin ACC

Business & Personal Coach | Lawyer

I help professionals to reach their full potential. Starting a business takes guts. Get it off to the best start with my unique blend of coaching, commercially focussed strategy and targeted mindset work. I’ll help you get out of your own way, overcome self-doubt and dispel negativity. The result? You have more fun doing what you love. I work internationally and locally, across a broad range of industries. In addition to being a certified business and personal coach, I'm also a certified Tapping Into Wealth Transformational Coach. I've been coaching and mentoring for over 25 years, helping employees and business owners across a wide range of sectors including law, project management, engineering, retail, leisure, insurance, government initiatives to help the long-term unemployed, NHS and more. If you'd like to find out more about how I can help you, please feel free to contact me via the links here in my profile or via my website ( I can't wait to help you!

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