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3 Steps to a success mindset

You can 'keep on keeping on' or you can learn how to take inspired action. The kind of action that gets results! What will it be?

I picked up the old notebook that had fallen out of a folder and onto the floor. 

I stared at the notes on the right-hand page. 

Present, enthusiastic, bold. Those were the words I’d written at the top of the page. Underneath them were two questions. 

Am I living these words externally and internally? 

Are they who I am and who I am BEING?

On the left-hand page were some notes from a call I’d had with an accountability buddy a few years ago. 

I don’t use my notebooks in date order. I open them up and write wherever I land. So although the left page had a date on it, I have no idea when I wrote the note on the right page because there isn’t a date.

My accountability buddy had told me what they were going to achieve before our next call and I’d written a list of those actions down so that I could ask them about their progress on the next call. 

I sighed as I read them. 

Those tasks were never completed.

In fact, this brilliantly gifted accountability buddy never did get their business off the ground and into profit.

It’s sad when I see amazing people not achieving their big dreams. 

People who are busy doing so much stuff that on the face of it, they should be super successful, but who aren’t gaining any traction at all.

People who are chugging along. Busily being busy. Writing down goals. Making lists of what they’ll do to build a website, write a landing page, create an opt-in gift. People who learn a lot but make little actual progress.

We’ve ALL been there, myself included.

You’ve tried figuring it out on your own, and with buddies, or in groups, maybe with coaches and mentors. 

We’ve all believed we were on the verge of greatness only to cut and run before the magic happened.

As I read the notes that had fallen open I was reminded that in order to shine brightly, we must first ignite our own inner light. Then we must work to ensure that it doesn’t get put out or dimmed by our own inner demons.

We must live every day as though it is our FIRST. With gusto and passion and zest. Live it as though we’ve never experienced defeat. As if we’ve never been hurt, or rejected or lost. 

If you’re ready to clear the barriers that are preventing you from showing up fully, shining your light so brightly you need sunglasses and making a profit in your business that means you get to live your dream life, I can help you.

As I read those notes and thought of my buddy, I reaffirmed my daily commitment to living and BEING present, enthusiastic, and bold and I gave thanks for the success I’m now enjoying.

Looking for a process to help you achieve success?

Here’s my 3 step process for creating a success mindset:

  1. Choose THREE words (adjectives) that represent the person you want to be and how you want to live.
  2. Each morning make a commitment to embody those words in all that you do. Make this part of your morning routine (bonus tip: it works great if you can do it while looking in the mirror). 
  3. Every evening, as part of your gratitude work, give thanks for the opportunities that allowed you to live and be those words. Notice how you have embodied them during your day.

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Jane Rapin ACC

Jane Rapin ACC

Business & Personal Coach | Lawyer

I help professionals to reach their full potential. Starting a business takes guts. Get it off to the best start with my unique blend of coaching, commercially focussed strategy and targeted mindset work. I’ll help you get out of your own way, overcome self-doubt and dispel negativity. The result? You have more fun doing what you love. I work internationally and locally, across a broad range of industries. In addition to being a certified business and personal coach, I'm also a certified Tapping Into Wealth Transformational Coach. I've been coaching and mentoring for over 25 years, helping employees and business owners across a wide range of sectors including law, project management, engineering, retail, leisure, insurance, government initiatives to help the long-term unemployed, NHS and more. If you'd like to find out more about how I can help you, please feel free to contact me via the links here in my profile or via my website ( I can't wait to help you!