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3 holiday survival tips for parents

The holidays can be times when a parent's resilience is tested at every turn. Their lessons are ones we can all take back to the workplace. Here's a plan of how to take control in those heated moments and restore some balance...lessons we can just as easily apply to our challenging relationships at work:

1)   Check perspective – rate the problem on a ‘scale of awfulness’. How significant is the latest disagreement? Is it really pushing a 10 and something verging on the end of the world, or is it more like a 3 – akin to a stubbed toe? The rating is the first step to  forming a proportionate response. 

2)   Check reaction – breathing is a much under-rated resource. Taking time to momentarily escape the situation, to focus on breathing, can bring us back to a calmer state and help us make a rational decision about the best way to respond.

3)   Check success – the inspirational positive psychologist Martin Seligman extols the virtues of listing three things we’re grateful for every day. By making this a habit, we’re not only boosting dopamine and serotonin; but also strengthening the neural pathways responsible for finding the good stuff – i.e. it takes less effort to be happy. Over the holidays I plan to make this more specific, and note three ways my children have made me grateful, and maybe even joyful, that day. 

Arming myself with a plan helps me visualise success and gives me a better chance of coming through each day…school holidays or work…with my resilience intact. 


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Pauline Hughes

Pauline Hughes

Executive Coach & Strategic Comms Consultant

Coaching leaders and teams to make a bigger impact, be more resilient, and build better relationships. Brings corporate expertise as former Communications Director. ICF accredited. Associate Mind Gym coach.