5 ways to feel calm in lockdown

How can you feel calm when anxiety hits? Here's some advice for easing your worry and anxiety to feel calmer and collected


5 ways to feel calm in lockdown

We all get stressed and anxious from time to time but for some of us, anxiety is a part of daily life.

The effects of anxiety can be a real hindrance as they can stop people from achieving goals, enjoying life and feeling calm at home or around others.

From mild to severe anxiety, here are five calming solutions:

Focus on your breathing

When we experience a bout of anxiety, our breathing can become shallow and we can often get short of breath, which leads to a reduction of oxygen in the blood. Holistic and Noetic therapy expert, Marie Reynolds, suggests visualisation techniques ‘whilst you try to breathe deeply – shut your eyes and focus on a bright, calming, blue light. This will relax you and get you mind and body working in harmony.’

Spend time in nature

Try spending the first five minutes of every day outdoors – go for a walk, sit in your garden or balcony or drink your cup of tea whilst looking out the window. Walk when you can and see what different paths and parks you can discover locally.

Meditate to feel calmer

Take a break form your thoughts and fears for a moment so that you’re able to physically and mentally calm down. Just 15 minutes of meditation can enable you to get hold of a stressful situation and help you figure out a solution. Meditation can reduce stress levels and can help you to face your fears as it is all about switching off and relaxing.

Exercise eases worry

Exercise has a two-pronged approach; it keeps you busy and distracted so works as a great stress-buster. Opt for something like boxing rather than calmer practices that give you a chance to think. When we exercise, serotonin is released in the brain. This can improve your mood for the better and quell anxiety. Yoga is also great for slowing down and being in the moment.

Be mindful

Mindfulness is a mind-body approach to wellbeing that can help you change the way you think about experiences and reduce stress and anxiety. Offloading things that you can’t control is a good way to overpower your anxiety. Fear is something that is learnt and can therefore be stopped, so welcome your fears so that the next time they strike, you will have a better idea of how to cope with them than you did last time.

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