Would you like to Revitalise Your Life?

Revitalise Your Life is the revolutionary online coaching course that is a practical guide to making a change in your working life, big or small. Jenny Thomas, Confidence and Career Coach from Revitalise Coaching, tells us more


Would you like to Revitalise Your Life?

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Exhausted from the constant fast pace and pressure? Feel like you’re going round in circles searching for a way out? Feel like you’re trapped on the treadmill that is your life?

You might be heading for a burnout. But there is a way out.

How many times had you heard the word ‘burnout’ 10 years ago? And five Years ago?  Now, ask yourself how many times have you heard it in the last two years?

More and more, we hear stories of people who have left long-term careers because of some sort of burnout, whether it’s labelled as stress, anxiety, exhaustion, PTSD or poor mental health it is far more common than it ever has been before. And it’s increasing.

Jenny Thomas left her successful 20-year marketing career in 2015 due to a serious burnout, re-trained and in 2016 set up her own business: Revitalise Coaching.

Whilst she reports that the burnout was the best thing that ever happened to her, Jenny highly recommends that others don’t follow the same path and take action much sooner than she did!

Jenny didn’t burn out overnight though, there were warning signs three years beforehand. She was in a great job, working for a global company and had achieved a lot in her career. With the continued pressure for the company to perform better and increase profits, it became common for redundancies to be made (at least one a year). Profits might have increased and the shareholders might have been momentarily happier, but what was the cost?

A blame culture started to grow where ‘every person was for themselves’, trust in teams started to go and those left behind were struggling to stay motivated and cope with the resulting workload.

After the last restructure came about, Jenny made the decision to move and learn new skills with a new challenge. She moved into a new job, but still in the industry she loved working in.

Now two years prior to burnout, Jenny was energised to be learning new skills and experiences and relishing the new opportunity. It was fast-paced, but there’s an element of buzz to that too, and so she was happy she’d made the right move. There was a nagging thought though that was getting louder and it was telling Jenny how unfulfilled she was and how empty life was beginning to feel outside of work. Later that year, Jenny went on holiday to a detox retreat, stopped for the first time in a long time and started listening to that voice.

Within a few months she’d made the very scary but very exciting decision to leave her amazing career behind her and re-train to become a personal performance coach and set up on her own!  Then she got a promotion. ‘Another fantastic opportunity,’ Jenny thought and relished the chance to grow and perform.

The first few months continued at an energising pace, but cracks had started to show. A 12-hour day became the norm and working on Sundays was pretty standard too. Then the streamlining started again and her workload increased to unmanageable proportions. Within a matter of weeks, she was starting to experience anxiety attacks, waking up at 4am, becoming short-tempered, not able to think as clearly as usual. Her confidence started to take a serious knocking.

She knew it wasn’t sustainable but kept saying things to herself like ‘I’ll just get to the weekend’ or ‘I’ll just get this project out the way’ or ‘I’ll just get to Christmas and then I’ll decide how I’m going to take back control’. On 15 December Jenny ended up in her GP surgery experiencing a severe panic attack.

Thankfully, Jenny received expert support from her GP, friends and family and took the decision to accept a redundancy offer and leave her corporate life behind her.

Just three months later, Jenny went back to her goal plan and started re-training as an NLP Practitioner and Personal Performance Coach, and was able to launch Revitalise Coaching in September 2016.

‘I’m so grateful that burnout happened now,’ says Jenny. ‘I’m now in a great position to help those people feeling like I did and can empathise with them on a deep level. I’ve also learned how to manage my wellbeing and how to be 100 percent in control of my own destiny and it’s really exciting! I have never been happier.’

Jenny recognised that her clients were sometimes struggling to find the time to come and see her. Hearing about people who wanted her help but just didn’t know where to start or where to get support, she designed Revitalise Your Life – a course specifically to allow super busy people to access coaching support without having to find time for face-to-face meetings, instead in the privacy of their own home. 

Jenny’s made nine short videos (the longest is 15 minutes) that guide you through an achievable step-by-step process to make a change in your life. She starts with helping you to create a positive mindset, addresses the financial trappings of the corporate space and how to create new options as well as help you to identify what’s important to you.

In the second stage of the course, she coaches you through creating your very own plan of action and ensures you’re really motivated to achieve it. Jenny takes great effort to ensure that you’re able to complete the course at your own pace, that you don’t get overwhelmed at any point and that you have a bit of a laugh while you’re doing it!

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