Why fad diets don’t work

Many of us have fallen victim to the appeal of a new fad diet. They promise big results and rarely deliver. This is often because they are too strict, require you to give up too much or do not have enough variety


Why fad diets don't work

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Whether it’s low-carb, paleo or the 5:2 diet, here we briefly discuss some of the problems with fad diets.

Long-term stability, restrictions and sacrifices

Fad diets are difficult to fulfill on a long-term basis, mainly because you’ll constantly be checking what you can or cannot eat and you’ll start to resent food.

These ‘quick fix’ diets are also often based around unrealistic weight loss. You should be wary of diets that are centered around sacrifice and binge mentalities. If you want to make long-term gains, it is better to focus on small changes and incremental progress.


There are plenty of alternative health options that are more relaxed and beneficial than the fad diets mentioned above. If you want to have a healthy body you should focus on variety, portion control and regular exercise. Try using the Harris Benedict equation to workout your daily calorie target.

Variety in the food you eat is a great way of giving your body all the nutrients, vitamins and energy it needs.

Eating smaller portions of food will mean you are able to eat the food you like without gaining as much weight or feeling unhealthy.

Regular exercise is a must, even if it’s just a five to 10 minute walk every day. Any diet that suggests that you shouldn’t exercise is probably not going to get you the results you desire.

Find a diet that lasts

Ultimately, dieting shouldn’t be complicated or restrictive. Some diets are worth the investment. But it is much more realistic to design a diet with a nutritionist or a personal trainer that is suited to your personality and your body.

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