Why being a mum is the best excuse to make your dreams happen

At 39-years-old Anna Parker-Naples, mum to three children, set up the Inspiring Mummy Club. Here she tells us why parenthood is the perfect time to make your dreams happen


Why being a mum is the best excuse to make your dreams happen

I recognised how many mums around me felt stuck, frazzled and unsupported. So many women around me believed that they had to sacrifice so much of themselves and their dreams in order to be a ‘good’ mum.

I used to believe the same thing, until I reached an all time low whilst in a wheelchair during my third pregnancy. After being told it would be a long road to walking properly again, I reached rock bottom. It wasn’t pretty and life was tough. I realised I couldn’t stay in that frustrated, unhappy place, and I decided to turn my life around and change my mindset. I sought out every self-help book and personal development tool I could in order to help me boost my confidence, self-belief and self-esteem.

Within seven short years, not only had I recovered fully, I had carved a creative career for myself as an award-winning voice actor, taking me from Hollywood to Chicago, New York and London, whilst still being around for my kids early 100 per cent of the time. If I can do it, if I can create my dreams and ambitions, then so can anyone else.

Inspiring Mummy Club is an opportunity for me to inspire and motivate other mums to dare to dream bigger (or to allow themselves to dream at all), and to take action on making their lives the way they want them to be. Through self-development tools, including life-coaching techniques, mindfulness, meditation, powerful hypnosis and creative visualisations mums can begin to reclaim their dreams and their sense of self.

Five reasons why being a mum is the best excuse to make your dreams happen:

Your children are modelling your behaviour and attitudes all the time, no matter what. Why not choose to be someone who makes things happen? Isn’t that what you’d prefer your children to be influenced by for the rest of their lives? At a basic level, children make decisions about how they see the world by the time they are seven-years-old. What if you’d already shown them that anything really is possible?

When mum is happy and fulfilled, home is a much happier place too. If your own needs are met on personal, creative and professional levels, your resentment and frustration fade away, leaving you able to be more engaged in your home life and in your child’s developing personality, and in your own personal relationships. You don’t look to others to fulfill you because you’ve taken care of that yourself.

Your life is happening right here, right now. Deciding to start living fully, not just surviving the day-to-day washing, cooking and cleaning, will give a new energy and boost to family life. You’ll start to notice opportunities for exciting activities and trips to share that are positive and uplifting, creating lasting memories of these special years.

Confidence and self-esteem are greatly increased when you start taking committed action towards your dreams. Imagine how much your attitudes of comfortable self-confidence will enable your children on an unconscious level. You’ll be teaching them that they too can take control.

Taking personal and financial responsibility is empowering. There is no better time to make things happen than when you have children. The life you are creating is for them too, so why wait until they’ve left home before you step up? Let them enjoy the benefits of the journey too.

Choosing to make your dreams happen seems like the best choice for us all. I know what I’m choosing to be.

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