What really motivates you?

Glory? Money? Power? Do you know what truly drives you?


What really motivates you?

Rate each of the following out of 10. Those with the highest scores will be your main drivers:

MATERIAL GAIN: Seeking possessions, wealth and a high standard of living. Material comforts matter to you.

POWER/INFLUENCE: You like to be in charge and feel more secure leading than being led.

SEARCH FOR MEANING: You are keen to feel that you are contributing to something larger than yourself.

ACCOMPLISHMENT: Excelling in a specific area, often requiring high levels of skill and specialist knowledge, is very important to you.

CREATIVITY: You enjoy working with your own ideas and talents. Original ideas often motivate you.

AFFILIATION: You get inspired by working with like-minded individuals and love being part of a team.

AUTONOMY: You thrive when you feel like you’re master of your own destiny rather than a cog in a wheel.

SECURITY: You yearn to create a solid and predictable future.

STATUS: You seek to be recognised and admired by others – colleagues, family, friends and neighbours. Achievement is extremely important to you.

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