What Psychologies learnt in 2013

New Year, new beginnings 2014 series: With every issue, the Psychologies team learn so much. Here, we look back at the best things we’ve learnt in 2013.


What Psychologies learnt in 2013

Every month, as we compile all the latest research, tips, and advice for the latest issue of Psychologies magazine, we find ourselves learning something new. After a lot of whittling down, we’ve managed to compile our favourite parts of each of the 2013 issues.


Spending time alone has all sorts of benefits.  Eric Klineberg, professor of sociology at New York University and author of Going Solo (Duckworth, £16.99) points out that people in their twenties see being alone as a ‘mark  of distinction and success, not social failure’, and that living alone allows us to develop confidence and independence, and is an opportunity for personal growth.


It may not make sense, but it seems breaking up can sometimes make a relationship strongerSeparation can give couples the space to work on personal issues that have been harming the relationship. But it’s important that both parties  are committed to making the relationship work, and dealing honestly with the issues that caused the initial problems.


Nature has a relaxing effect on humans; this, we knew. But the development of this idea has led to a whole new branch of psychology being born. Ecopsychology is based on the premise that connecting to the ecosystem is good for us. According to psychotherapist and ecologist Paul Maiteny, our lack of engagement with the natural world causes ‘inner ecological breakdown’. Increasingly, people are going on Wilderness trips at pivotal points in their lives.


Author Isabelle Grey (The Bad Mother, Quercus, £7.99) realised that doing the things that made her feel like a ‘bad mother’, such as leaving her children whilst she went to work, and claiming back a bit of ‘me’ time, were actually the things that made her a very good mother- she taught her children resilience and independence.

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