Unlock your health: 6D of Health

This unique book covers all the basic knowledge and skills of health, in all of its six domains, and is based on the triune of humans: the spirit, soul and body


Unlock your health: 6D of Health

This has been a mystery surrounding human nature. As we are spiritual beings, the 6D of Health explores not just physical, social, family and emotional domains, but also the spiritual and mental domains of health, which could render the biopsychosocial model of health obsolete in its conceptualisation.

The aim of this book is primarily to offer more preventative solutions for a disease-free existence as the prevalence of specific conditions has risen dramatically. Through this book, the author shares advice on certain knowledge, based on research that is only available to the medical profession.

For readers, it will unravel not just a dimensional approach to health but that of medical, holistic and spiritual concepts that guide healthy living. You will also understand the roots of certain diseases – i.e. the spiritual element, which is not taken into consideration during treatment but could help patients.

To date, following the spiritual root of certain diseases is not something treatment options account for. This could be an area for further qualitative research exploration. The knowledge, skills and valuable insights offered through understanding of the 6D of Health will impact on your journey towards reaching a healthier life.

The 6D Of Health by Dr James Alegbeleye (£19.99) is out now. Find out more here.