THE STREAM: personal training for the mind

THE STREAM is an exciting and modern style of wellness coaching with a vision to free the mind from an outdated mindset that doesn’t allow room for flexible growth or a higher level of consciousness


THE STREAM: personal training for the mind

How does THE STREAM do this?

Training sessions take a fresh approach by moving from teaching to cultivating by drawing on your own unique wisdom. The model is designed to nurture your individual talents and strengths; to support your distinct personality and to help you find your own alignment.

Whether you’re an acorn ready to grow into a magnificent oak tree, or a caterpillar waiting to emerge as a beautiful butterfly, THE STREAM will gently get you there. No more futile striving to find a butterfly within an acorn!


THE STREAM is a visionary project that uses training sessions, accountability, inspiration and motivation to support conscious living. The name originates from a term used by the Buddha: ‘sotāpanna’ or ‘stream-entrant’, which he used to describe those who had begun a journey of awakening through mindfulness.

If you are ready to make your aspirations a reality, fulfil your natural potential and easily achieve higher levels of performance in any or all areas of your life, enter THE STREAM…

“Of all the many things that people value and care for in the world, the mind is the most precious… be sure to look after it well.” Ajahn Maha Bua 

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