Suddenly single: your guide to overcoming heartbreak

Are you searching for something to help you put the pieces of your life back together after a relationship didn't work out the way you hoped? Suddenly Single by Denise Chilton has been written for you, with love and the message that you’re not alone


Suddenly single: your guide to overcoming heartbreak

Are you suddenly single again after your husband or partner left you for someone else? Are you looking for answers to… ‘How to mend a broken heart?’ ‘How to stop the pain?’ ‘Will he come back?’ ‘How can I ever trust anyone again?’ Are you telling everyone that you are just ‘fine’ when secretly, you feel stuck and you are struggling to let go and move on? Suddenly Single (Fernlea Publishing, £9.99) is the book for you.

In Suddenly Single, coach Denise Chilton shares her own personal experience with heartbreak, as well as real stories from other women who woke up one day to find themselves single again. Suddenly Single is written for all the women who were left to figure out how on earth to navigate through this new single world where all the rules were different.

Suddenly Single is a straightforward guide to help you understand what is happening to you and your broken heart. It helps you to heal healthily and introduces you to some great strategies so you can create a new and exciting happy ever after of your own.

In Suddenly Single you will discover that the most important relationship that you will ever have in life, is not the one you have with someone else but the one you have with yourself.

Here’s a taster:

The front door closed shut and I was alone. I sat on the sofa and curled up trying to stop the pain that was rushing through my body. ‘This is not really happening to me,’ I kept telling myself but the cold reality was that it was happening to me. I had seen the train coming down the track now for some time but had no idea how to stop it. That Saturday afternoon on a cold December day I had entered the world of the ‘suddenly single’.

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Suddenly Single is launching on Amazon Kindle on Friday 26 May. For one hour only, between 8pm and 9pm, it will be available for just £1.99. Find out more here.