Self-discipline and taking action is key to a happy, balanced mind

After working hard on boot camps across the UK and Europe, Kate Whale, 38, realised that helping people to work on their ‘innercize’ was so much more important than just putting them through the regular abs crunching sessions


Self-discipline and taking action is key to a happy, balanced mind

With a wealth of knowledge and a passion to help people change their lifestyle habits, Kate decided to take the plunge and create The Body Camp Ibiza.

Now, after an incredibly successful first year, Kate and her dedicated team are firmly on the map as a uniquely holistic experience that achieves real results mentally, as well as physically. Exercise is perfectly paired with hikes, cooking classes, tennis, life coaching, yoga, boxing, Reiki, paddle boarding and training. For Kate it’s about helping people clear their minds, recharge their bodies and leave rebooted, with a new set of principles aimed at enhancing their lives.

Here, Kate tells Psychologies about her own journey to becoming one of the wellness world’s big players and why mindfulness and good mental health are essential building blocks to living a happy, fulfilled life…

What led you into the wellness industry?

When I was 32 a few personal situations made me feel deeply unhappy and unsatisfied. I was working hard and eating and drinking a lot to forget about what was going on in my life. I hit rock bottom and decided to take some big risks to make myself happy again. I went on a boot camp and started training really hard, eating regularly and something in me changed. As I got fitter, dropped weight and took control of my life. I stopped smoking, lost weight and discovered boundless energy.

How did you come up with the idea for The Body Camp?

I worked hard for five years for other peoples’ boot camps and retreats, but the real inspiration behind The Body Camp was based on what I was looking for as a 30-something woman who wanted to get fit, learn something new and have a great fun holiday. I didn’t want my business to be a ‘boot camp’ or ‘yoga retreat’, I wanted to create something much more holistic for everyone.

How is what you do different from other boot camps out there?

We don’t class ourselves as a boot camp ,first and foremost. We’re luxe, fun, teach a balanced lifestyle and educate our guests on mindful living. We cater for all ages and abilities. We’re all about the ‘innersize’ (mind training) being as important at physical exercise and having fun.

Why is mindfulness and the inner journey to health so important?

If you don’t have good mental health and happiness in your life then trying to make the rest work is very hard. I believe everyone should take time to assess their life, emotions, mindset, lifestyle, people they have around them, eating habits and exercise routines.

What advice would you give for staying balanced?

I believe self-discipline is key – learning to say ‘no’ to people and putting yourself first. People have such busy lives that they put themselves and their health last. This will always catch up with you. You need to have continuity to keep the balance, eat well, exercise regularly and have downtime to try to switch your mind off daily.

Do you have any every day tips you could share?

* Plan your meals the day before and eat regularly. It’s so important not just for energy, but also for blood sugar levels and balancing your hormones, especially if you’re in a stressful job.

* Get up 30 minutes early every morning and go for a walk/jog/run so you have incorporated some training into your day.

* Don’t make false promises to yourself and other people then beat yourself up about it. Self-loathing and feeling bad or let down by yourself is the biggest waste. Decide to do something and stick to it.

* Make time for 10 minutes of transcendental meditation a day. Sit somewhere and be quiet. Still your mind by repeating a word in your head, for example: ‘one, one, one, one, one, one’ and tune out everything else by focusing your mind.

* Plan time off and new experiences. We all need something to look forward to, to force ourselves to have time off so we don’t get sucked into a one-track life of working and existing.

* Finally, invest in yourself. If you’re terrible at cooking, get a healthy food delivery to your door. If you know you don’t train without help, get a trainer. If you struggle with meditation, go on a course. If you have emotional issues that have never properly been addressed that cause blockages in your life, seek professional help.

What are the secrets to achieving your goals and leading a fulfilling life?

I’ve learned that you need to follow your heart and take massive action. Don’t let anyone else dictate or limit how much you can earn and what you can do with your life. When you truly realise there is no limit to what you can achieve in your life and it’s only you who is in charge of it, your entire mindset changes. Unless you take big action, nothing is going to happen. Be bold.

What is a typical day at The Body Camp like?

The program starts at 7am and finishes at around 5pm. In that time you could be hiking, swimming, doing weights, fancy dress tennis circuits, tennis lessons, sea swimming, pool games, sunbathing, cookery classes, dance classes, yoga, mediation, mindful discussions and mind-mapping. Food is served five times a day and there’s the opportunity to have a massage and many other therapies in the evenings.

The Body Camp Ibiza prices start from £1450 for the week including accommodation, food and drink, the program and one hour-long massage. See for more details.