Q&A: Annee de Mamiel

We meet the founder of the award-winning artisanal wellness brand de Mamiel – which replenishes the skin as well as the spirit


Q&A: Annee de Mamiel

What led you to natural beauty?

When I was undergoing treatment for cancer in 1998, there were very few organic, plant-based creams to soothe my skin – so I made my own. I was also reintroduced to Chinese medicine and, combining this ancient practice with luxurious natural products not only achieved amazing results – but made perfect sense to me.

How did de Mamiel begin?

The business grew out of people’s reaction to my bespoke mixing of oils and the teas that I made. I feel I didn’t choose this path, it chose me. But the allure of mixing and blending began long before: when I was seven years old with my Barbie perfume-maker. As a teenager, I had really bad skin and it affected my confidence, so I was always committed to doing the best that I could for my skin naturally.

What’s the unique de Mamiel philosophy?

I kept finding that the ravages of modern stresses on people’s lives were ageing them and, looking at it from an holistic perspective – normal daily stress plus emotional and environmental stress – I was able to formulate products that made a difference. I have a background in Chinese medicine, but I also draw on scientific research into how ingredients interact with our bodies.

You’ve won countless awards, which is no mean feat for a small brand…

We’re competing with huge brands with huge advertising budgets – but we make up for it with exceptional quality and efficacy.

All of my products are hand-crafted in small batches and contain the purest natural ingredients, carefully sourced for their unique potency and precision in formulation. They work on an emotional, physical and cellular level – to make a real Annee de Mamiel difference to every part of you.

Our process is unique and mindful, to ensure you get a beautiful product, full of vital energy and the skin-nourishing properties of plants.

How do you switch off from business?

It’s really difficult. While the office is on the farm, our production is done at home, so trying to separate ‘my time’ and work time gets tricky. I try to begin my day with a clear head before the busyness of business takes over, and always meditate, jot down thoughts in my journal and practise yoga.

I am most at home on water so, every chance we get, my husband and I go sailing, surfing or paddleboarding.

What’s next for the brand?

We are relaunching in Fortnum & Mason with acupuncture facials shortly, plus developing a treatment to address stress and pollution. We’ve also recently relaunched our Dewy Facial Mist – I’ve added some exciting anti-pollution ingredients.

What are your top five green products?

I adore all Oskia masks, such as the Renaissance Mask, £49.50, the Aromatherapy Associates Overnight Repair Mask, £62, AMLY Radiance Boost Mist, £42, LURK perfume oils from £43, and REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash, £18.

What’s your number-one bestseller?

Altitude Oil, £28, is our top seller as people become ‘addicted’ to it. It really helps when flying and users love its scent, too.

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