Podcast: How to leave your comfort zone behind

Struggling to find your purpose? Or to break free from the norms? Listen to this podcast with Suzy Walker and Angela Raspass


Podcast: How to leave your comfort zone behind

In this podcast with Angela Raspass, Suzy’s story of gradually moving ever closer to her sweet spot of purpose will likely sound familiar. A definite deep desire to follow a certain path, but an initial lack of self-belief hits the pause button and then life itself intervenes and a detour takes place.

But that true desire? It stays and waits in the background for a new opportunity that will allow it to resurface.

“I left school wanting to be a writer but just not feeling clever enough” Suzy confessed to me. “So I began working in a newspaper selling advertising space. I was good at sales and moved to working in a translation company. Marriage, a company car, a mobile phone all followed and from the outside, it looked like success. But I hated it”.

And so she took a chance. A holiday that was actually a two-week trial at the Yorkshire Evening Post as a writer. A short course in journalism followed and her love affair with creativity began, a deeply satisfying path that has taken her from freelancing whilst working at Pizza Express to full time positions with New Woman Magazines, the Times and Marie Claire and now to Editor of Psychologies Magazine.

There’s been many plot twists in Suzy’s story and in our wholehearted conversation she shares generously of her experiences. This is an interview I know you’ll love.