Need a holiday?

Sarah Tucker’s new book 'The A To Zen Of Travel' explores the types of holidays we can take for different states of mind


Need a holiday?

In need of a holiday? Sometimes we need more than just a week off of work to get us back to our natural balance, and different kinds of holidays offer different experiences.

Try the following according to Sarah Tucker, author of The A To Zen Of Travel (New Generation, £5.99), for different feelings:

  • Sad? Try an 'apple pie' journey; one that focuses on the sensual elements of life –smells, tastes, sounds.
  • Anxious? Take an 'octopus' journey. Go wild during the day; have lots of fingers in lots of pies, but return to one base where everything is done for you. It’s important to have both elements so that when you return home to responsibility, you don’t fall apart.
  • Lonely? Take a 'cuddle' journey. Wilderness, nature and empty spaces cuddle you more effectively than places where there are a lot of people. Nature cuddles, cities do not.

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