Nature that nurtures

Amerley Ollennu seeks out a natural prescription for the most common modern ailments – first up, a remedy for the desk-bound


Nature that nurtures

Today, we put our bodies under more prolonged and different kinds of stress than generations before us, but traditional remedies still have a place in our modern world – and it doesn’t require a major life-overhaul to introduce them into your daily routine.

If you are… desk-bound

With busy work schedules, mounting stress and decreased leisure time, it is no wonder recent studies* have shown that the number of young people who suffer from aches and pains is much greater than the previous generation.

‘No matter your age, if you are desk-bound, sitting in front of a computer all day, carrying extra weight on your body, and constantly looking down at a smartphone or tablet, you are at a higher risk of causing strain on your back, neck and joints in general,' says Anita Ellis, nutritionist at Vitabiotics.

'Devil’s Claw (named after the unusual fruits which cover it with small, claw-like appendages) is a native plant of southern Africa, Namibia and Madagascar, and helps to relieve backache, and pain of the muscles and joints. It’s also anti-inflammatory and helps promote flexibility in joints, working wonders for those whose office jobs accelerate and aggravate their arthritic and rheumatic conditions.’  

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*84 per cent of those aged 18 to 24 admitted to having suffered back pain in the past year, in a survey by healthcare provider Simplyhealth

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