Make memories: spend an evening stargazing

Make this the year you enjoy new experiences – spend a magical evening stargazing in one of the UK's forests and have a night out with a difference!


Make memories: spend an evening stargazing

Gazing up at a clear night sky is a wondrous experience – we are all made up of the atoms of exploding stars and spending an evening stargazing is a great way to gain perspective on our everyday problems.

Gather together your loved ones and head away from the light pollution of the city and spend an evening creating memories you’ll treasure for years to come.

When you’re planning, take a look at the National Trust’s Top Tips for Stargazing before you set out and download the Star Walk app (iPhone) or Google Sky (Android) to find out which stars you can see from your location.

The Forestry Commission England also has some useful tips on stargazing.

If you’re in the northeast of the UK, check out Kielder Forest and Observatory.

Hamsterley Forest near Durham, has Dark Sky Discovery status.