Katie Piper: how to make meaningful mental shifts

Our new resilience champion, Katie Piper, leads the way in helping us make meaningful mental shifts


Katie Piper: how to make meaningful mental shifts

Resilience is something I’ve been deeply aware of for many years, and I’ve been building and rebuilding it for some time now. Many of us are currently facing testing times, and we may be doubting our resilience or, at the very least, not enjoy the feeling of it being tested to the limit.

I want you to know the good news. When we endure change, challenge and pain, we are forced to develop new coping mechanisms; to adapt and survive. In doing so, we experience huge personal growth, hone our emotional intelligence and enhance our genuine deep-rooted confidence.

I am often asked about confidence and where it comes from, and my answer is always the same: from resilience. To know that whatever life throws at us, we have an internal toolbox to bounce back stronger than ever before. Resilience is more effective than any material item society may tell you will give you confidence.

Resilience tips from expert Kamran Bedi:

Three hacks for dealing with anxiety, rising above challenges and overcoming setbacks:

1. Practise gratitude. If you’re feeling challenged, anxious or stressed, focusing on what you can appreciate now in your life, or from your past, will stimulate your mind to shift its focus, as well as switch on positive emotions.

2. Identify your past efforts. Make a list of the things you’ve overcome, then add to it any other setbacks that, in hindsight, were not as bad as you may have thought. What can you think back to now that you were proud of for having resilience?

3. Change your perspective. Imagine yourself as a fly on the wall looking at your personal situation. Try to gather any further insights that you may not have seen from your prime emotional position. Taking a step back can train your mind to change the way

These are a few of my favourite things…

And Breathe tea helps me stay centred and strong in the face of adversity. And Breathe tea, £4.49, twinings.co.uk

Kamran Bedi’s book is a fantastic read, with some really helpful tools. I often go back to it when I need to focus on my mental health. Your Mind is Your Home by Kamran Bedi (That Guy’s House, £10.99).

Plug in to my latest podcast with Locksmith from Rudimental, who won SAS: Who Dares Wins on Channel 4. He’s the epitome of resilience, and we spoke in depth about never giving up and powering through life.