Identify your body intuition

This simple exercise will show you just how intuitive your body is – even when your mind is saying something completely different. It will help you tune into your ‘yes’ and ‘no’


Identify your body intuition

1. Learn to be present in your body

Sit comfortably and take three deep breaths to relax and be ‘in the moment’. Close your eyes if you like.

2. Imagine an untruth, for example, ‘I hate kittens’ or ‘I hate roses’

Repeat this statement over and over to yourself. Observe the sensations in detail. You may feel tightness in your chest, heaviness on your shoulders, a knot in your stomach, shaking hands, cold feet, or a lack of any sensation. Note the type of sensation you feel – pressure, stabbing or aching – and its ‘size’, density, temperature or colour. What you feel is the ‘no’ of your body intelligence – the sensation of your body reacting to and rejecting the untruth.

3. Reverse what you’ve just said to yourself, repeating the true statement: ‘I love roses’ or ‘I adore kittens’

Note how your body responds. What does your body feel when you’ve spoken the truth? You might feel warmth and an opening of your chest, or a tingling in your belly, arms or legs, or a smile or softness around your eyes. Note the type of sensation – tingling, airy or expansive – and its ‘size’, density, temperature or colour. This difference in internal sensation is your gauge of truth; your body’s way of telling you what is true for you and what is not. What you feel is the ‘yes’ of your body intelligence – the sensation of your body fully opening to that possibility.

4. Now, take three more deep breaths and open your eyes if you had them closed.

Reflect. What did you feel? What did you learn? What else is your body telling you? I have found that my body is resilient and forgiving. If I make efforts to care for myself (taking a break from writing to stretch), my body feels better. But, if I refuse to listen to my body, it turns up the volume (neck pain). Once you learn your body’s language, you will find that it is a clear communicator and on the side of you having the life you want and deserve. Your body is you.

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Photograph: iStock