How to stop making excuses and be brave in 3 steps

Do you dream of doing something new, but never actually get around to it? The time to act is now, says Sháá Wasmund MBE, and here’s how…


How to stop making excuses and be brave in 3 steps

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Turn up the pain

Think of something you want to change, for example, your job. Imagine how you would feel if you stayed in your current job forever. What kind of life would it provide? What are the ramifications, not just for now, but for the future? Are you prepared to live with that, knowing that you had a choice? Nothing is more motivating than when the pain of not doing something becomes greater than the ache of staying stuck.

Write down all your excuses

The best way to stop making excuses is to face them. Leave a couple of empty lines beneath each excuse. Once you’ve read your excuses, go to the space underneath and ask yourself: Is this an emotional response? What am I scared of? Is this what I’ve always done? Is this excuse even logical? What would I rather have in the future? Am I going to get what I want if I carry on believing my own excuses? Under every excuse, write down an alternative action. Each day, try practising the alternative for at least one of them. Notice what happens and how your list gets shorter.

Transform self-pity

We all go through times when we feel the world is against us, but when we are trapped and feeling this way for prolonged periods, our perception becomes our reality. Ask yourself: How are these emotions serving me? Are they lifting me out of a ditch or digging me deeper? The trick when we get stuck is to use our feelings as an engine, not a brake. A sure-fire way of dealing with self-pity is to replace it with gratitude. Every day, down three things that you are grateful for – your dog, your best friend or your health.

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