How to keep it real

Martha Roberts discovers that saying what we think and feel; being true to ourselves, paves the way to happiness


How to keep it real

1. Learn the formula for authentic living

In Authentic: How To Be Yourself And Why It Matters (Little, Brown, £14.99), Stephen Joseph says: ‘Authentic people know themselves and what motivates their decisions, so are seen as genuine.’ His formula for authentic living is: know yourself + own yourself + be yourself = an authentic life.

2. Listen to your inner voice of wisdom

Apple pioneer, Steve Jobs, said: ‘Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice.’ Joseph says we must learn to block out mental noise – such as arguments with partners – to hear our own ‘inner voice of wisdom’. Close your eyes and create a ‘hush’ to give that voice the chance to speak out.

3. Don’t wait

Joseph says people get stuck because they think that they have to have long-term goals and, if they do not have any, they do not do anything at all. He explains: ‘Being true to yourself is about what you do, think and feel, right now, in this moment.’ Do this day by day and you will start to see the road ahead more clearly.

Photograph: iStock