How to go from a fixed to a growth mindset

From giving effective praise to seeking out positive people, happiness expert Tamara Lechner suggests the following tips on flexing your psychological muscles


How to go from a fixed to a growth mindset

1. Choose your language carefully

The language you use when praising someone can make the difference between developing a growth or a fixed mindset. When you praise someone for a characteristic or strength, for example, ‘you are so flexible’, it teaches a fixed mindset. Whereas if you praise for effort or strategy – ‘you worked so hard at that painting’ – it teaches a growth mindset and reinforces the individual’s role in the successful outcome.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

It’s pretty obvious, but the attitude of those around you can really affect your own mood and outlook. By surrounding yourself with ‘can do’ people who believe that with passion and persistence they can achieve things, this growth mindset becomes the norm and rubs off on you, helping you to aspire to the same goals.

3. Be flexible with your thinking

Becoming less rigid in your thoughts and actions allows resilience to blossom, simply because flexible people don’t see problems; they see opportunities for growth and learning. When every challenge is met with a level of creative thinking, you feel more capable and confident, and this all breeds resilience.

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