How to be your badass-self

Amy Pierce’s pearls of wisdom on showing your best badass-self


How to be your badass-self

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Lessons from the fake-it trail

Stand up and sit straight. Good posture helps you to breathe properly, which is invaluable when delivering what you want to say effectively, with authority.

Get help or training. Improving your knowledge will assist in areas where you have skills gaps, or find a mentor who can guide you if you’re battling impostor syndrome.

Prepare and make notes. These are a comfort blanket, and you can always read them aloud if you have a blank moment during a presentation or meeting. These days, my husband often finds me listening to work-related TED Talks, learning and preparing for a particular task I find daunting.

Make sure everyone’s voice is heard. By encouraging around-the- table opinion-sharing, you not only give everyone a platform to speak, but you afford yourself a breather.

Faking it till you make it is hard, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

When doubts arise, think of something upbeat. Create a gremlin and pass over self-limiting beliefs!

Be positive; be polite; pay a compliment – they all demonstrate confidence.

Pay it forward. Sharing your insight with someone who is struggling is a kindness that will boost you both.

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