How grief can help us win when we lose

Can loss, letting go, and feeling grief, instead of having less, help us have more? Sophie Sabbage tells us how, in her inspiring TEDx video. Watch here...


How grief can help us win when we lose

Sophie’s terminal cancer diagnosis in 2014 and consequent bestseller, The Cancer Whisperer, placed her in the heart of a global cancer patient community and “a world of profuse loss” – both personal and collective. It also transformed her relationship with grief in ways which can benefit us all.

This moving talk is about the inevitability of loss and how we can be expanded by it instead of diminished. The landscape of loss is so much bigger than death, yet we are ill prepared for it. We are taught how to acquire and gain, but rarely how to relinquish and let go. It is also about how Western culture has done a great injustice to grief and how the widely accepted “Grief Cycle” fails grief as a healing force in our lives. Sophie challenges prevailing definitions of grief and aims to restore sorrow to its rightful purpose in our lives.


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