Happy hues

Want to feel happier today? Wearing this colour could boost your mood


Happy hues

A new survey of more than 5,000 UK women by the clothing retailer Joe Browns has revealed that we feel wearing red considerably improves our mood because it makes us feel more womanly, powerful and even more likely to take risks.

Red not your colour? Purple and pink also ranked highly, while apparently we feel more fun in yellow, and calm in green.

Jacqui Cooper, image consultant and life coach, explains: 'Red is inked to confidence, romance and love. This is because it’s said to raise our blood pressure. So when we wear red we feel more confident and are more attractive to others. We also might make better decisions because we feel more confident. 

'Red is often used when visual impact is important, as it appears to be nearer than it actually is. Warning signs, traffic lights etc. are red because of this. So, wearing red will certainly draw attention to the wearer. One of the key factors in feeling confident is knowing that your clothes flatter your appearance and function for your lifestyle.'

Photograph: iStock